5 Reasons Selling A House on The Sunshine Coast Without A Real Estate Agent Is A Recipe For Disaster

So you are looking to sell your home and you are trying to decide whether you should engage a real estate agent on the Sunshine Coast.  Selling property is a process that many people have gone through. Even with the increase in the number of real estate agents in the market today, people are still reluctant to hire their services when selling a house. It is common knowledge that these agents have to be paid a commission on the sale of the property for their services. However, many homeowners prefer to go solo with their property sale. This is because they anticipate earning more from their property because they do not have to pay a commission to the real estate agent. However, this is the main factor that exposes homeowners to many risks and complications that could lead to disaster when selling their property.


As mentioned above, many people avoid hiring the services of real estate agents because they anticipate earning more because they do not have to part with the commission. However, this could expose homeowners to many risks. Here are the top 5 reasons why selling without a real estate agent could lead to a disaster:


1.Time factor


Most of the home owners today do not have a lot of free time to show their house and property to potential buyers that may be in the market. Selling a house without an agent also elongates the time the house would have taken to be sold. This is because the average home owner does not know the best way to reach and appeal to potential buyers to buy the property.




A beautiful house without proper presentation will not sell as quickly as it should. Without the advice of a real estate agent, the sellers will not be able to know how to prepare and present their home to potential buyers. Staging the property for buyers, taking professional photos and implementing digital marketing campaigns are skills of a good real estate agent.




When potential buyers are willing to buy a house, they do inspections to ensure that the house is in good condition. Without the advice of a real estate agent, the sellers will not know what type of inspections to expect. Without proper preparation a poor building and pest inspection can result in a lower price being negotiated for the final house price.


4.The contract of sale


The contract of sale is a very important aspect of selling a house and without the involvement of a real estate agent; the process can be complicated and quite stressful. This is because the sellers may not know all of the required documentation to be completed.   A good real estate agent can put you in touch with a conveyancing solicitor if you haven’t got one already.


5.The closing of the sale


The agent should be present to explain the dynamics of the market in respect to the closing of the sale. The agent will explain to the sellers when they should have the house vacant, when the house is considered the property of the buyers and even what the condition of the house should be when they are moving out.




Selling a house is not as easy as finding a buyer and getting the price you want. There are a lot of dynamics that many home sellers are not familiar with. It is for this reason that there is a real need for home sellers to engage the services of real estate agents. This way, they are able to concentrate on other matters and minimise the risk of a disaster occurring during the sale process.

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