5 Major Causes of Damaged and Blocked Pipework

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A blocked or damaged pipe is a difficult situation and can cause a lot of discomfort in your daily work. It increases your tension of detecting the problem and calling the plumber to resolve them. Decreased water pressure, leakage, rusting, unwanted odour, etc., may indicate a problem with your pipework. If you see any of these issues, you will need to hire a specialist at thegibco.com, which is available 24/7.blocked pipes.

1) Garbage disposal

Never treat your drain as a trash can. The most common cause of blocked pipework is the disposal of unwanted things into the drain. Plumbers often find hair, plastic, cat litter, makeup remover pads, etc., in the drain while cleaning it. Clogged pipes often result in accumulated water pressure or the backing up of waste in your home. This can have serious health risks if you do not detect it on time. Make sure to maintain your plumbing system properly to avoid these issues.

2) Liquid Drain Cleaners

There are harsh chemicals in liquid drain cleaners that can cause a more severe problem than clogging. These drain cleaners may help you clear a clogging, but the consequences are not worth the use. They are even bad for the environment. Similarly, you should never put liquid grease down the drain.

3) Fall in Temperature

We all know that freezing temperature is often responsible for turning water into ice. The ice puts a lot of pressure on the pipework. This conversion may result in the blockage of pipework, or it can even break your pipe. Thus, experts recommend that you should winter-proof your pipes before the problem increase.

4) Unwanted Tree Roots

The growth of tree roots and mature trees near pipelines can cause bursting of pipes. They make their way through the pipes, searching for water, which causes severe and expensive damage to your pipe. Hence, you must never plant trees close to a lateral line and check for weeds regularly.

5) Irregular checkups

Proper maintenance implies getting your pipeline checked at regular intervals. Mere ignorance of issues like clogging can cause serious damage in the future. The aging of pipes also deteriorates the quality of the water. Hence, proper maintenance is necessary for all pipeworks. You may even want to get insurance for water damage and leaks to save yourself from the high cost.

Regular checkups will help you to determine issues that you cannot see beforehand. The plumber will inform you if you need pipe relining. If you choose the right products and company for pipe relining, you will benefit in the long run. You can search for reputed reliners around your location to get the required services. For example, Reliners Sydney will help you in doing the job in an efficient way.

Hence, you must make the right choice and enjoy an excellent sanitary system in your house with minimal issues.