5 Energy Efficient Upgrades for Your Modern Home

If you’re looking for ways to make your home more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, we’ve got the perfect list of five upgrades for you. From replacing old appliances with new high-efficiency versions to installing smart lighting and better insulation in your attic, these updates will help save on utility bills and reduce our impact on the environment. 

Investing in a few small changes can significantly impact your energy bills and personal sustainability efforts. Here are five simple upgrades to get you started:

Install a High-Efficiency Heating and Cooling System

A new heating and cooling system can pay for itself in savings over time. Look for a high-efficiency furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump with the ENERGY STAR label. You’ll want to make sure it has an AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) of 90% or higher, which means at least 90 cents of every dollar you spend on heating and cooling goes toward warming your home, not the utility company.

If you have an old furnace, it’s time for a furnace replacement. Install a new high-efficiency furnace to achieve optimal savings on your energy bills and go green with a system that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. By investing in a high-efficiency heating system, you’ll save money each month while also reducing the amount of CO₂ released into our atmosphere. 


Get a Smart Hub and Smart Appliances

If you want to upgrade your home without creating a huge change, then get smart appliances. Smart hubs are the first step into having an automated home because they allow you to turn on and off any appliance from anywhere. You can also look at other options like smart lights, smart door locks, and smart thermostats. Smart appliances are the future of home upgrades.

When shopping for air conditioners, ovens and ranges, refrigerators, laundry machines, dishwashers, home security systems, and lighting installations, opt for smart appliances recommended by Energy Star to save money and energy. Smart home technology saves time, energy consumption, and makes life easier for homeowners.

Add Solar Panels for Clean Renewable Energy

If you want to own a sustainable home, consider adding solar panels for clean, renewable energy. Not only are solar panels a clean energy source, but they also help you save money on monthly utility bills since you can use them as an alternative source of energy. Homeowners who add solar panels to their homes can expect a return on investment in as little as seven years.

In addition, you may qualify for government rebates and incentives that will help lessen the initial cost of installing your new system. You can also choose from different system sizes based on how much energy you want them to generate each year. Consult a reliable solar installer to design and install a system that will meet all of your needs while saving you money on monthly utility bills at the same time.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Water Systems

Investing in a water system that uses energy-efficient technology could not only reduce your monthly expenses but can also make you feel better about the impact of your home on the environment. For instance, tankless water heaters are compact and function as needed to provide hot water on demand. This eliminates the expense of maintaining a big, space-consuming tank that would waste energy. 

Smart outdoor sprinkler systems with automatic settings, sensors, and smart app capabilities can also help you save money on water usage and expenses. For your hot water needs, consider a tankless heater that offers solar backup. This will help you minimize your energy footprint and save you even more on your utility bills.

Insulate Your Home’s Windows, Attic, and Walls

You’ll also want to ensure that your windows and doors are fully sealed with caulking. Insulate your attic to maximize the energy efficiency of your home’s heating or air conditioning systems. Do this by adding insulation between rafters, in areas where it is exposed (ceiling), and sealing all gaps around chimneys, rosettes, wiring penetrations through walls, and around all electrical boxes.

Your walls are also often a significant source of heat loss. Use weather stripping around windows and doors to seal any air leaks, replace old caulking, or add insulation in the wall cavities if they are open. These steps will help to ensure that your home’s heating and cooling systems are working efficiently.

Enjoy a More Energy Efficient Home

There are many energy-efficient upgrades that will lead to a more comfortable home while lowering your monthly bills. Consider every option available to you, and remember that one size doesn’t fit all. When it comes to your family’s comfort and safety, the right choice will be evident for everyone involved.