5 Closet Organization Tips to Keep Your Bedroom Clean

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An organized closet is the key to a clean and tidy bedroom. If you’re tired of your bedroom being cluttered and messy, use these closet organization ideas!

An organized closet can make your life a lot easier. When everything is where it’s supposed to be, you can just hop out of bed and grab what you need. It’s nice not having to waste time searching for things during an already hectic morning.

Disorganized closets have a way of spilling out into the rest of the room, too. It doesn’t take long for shoes, coats, and accessories to find their way onto your bedroom floor.

Luckily, getting organized isn’t hard. With these five closet organization tips, you can make your bedroom a more pleasant place to be.



1.‌ Eliminate All But the Essentials

Your bedroom closet is not a storage unit. You shouldn’t toss random clothes into it if you never intend to wear them. It’s a space that should be dedicated to the things you currently use.

With that in mind, it’s time to clean out your closet and eliminate the things you don’t need.

As you sort through the items in your closet, make a conscious decision to get rid of some things. Use these tips to decide whether or not to keep each piece:

  • Does it fit?
  • Do you like how it looks on you?
  • Is it in good shape?
  • Have you worn it in the last year?
  • Are you likely to wear it again soon?

If you’re not going to wear it but you want to keep it, put it somewhere else. If you don’t have a reason to keep it, either throw it away or donate it.


  1. Strategize Your Closet System

If you want to keep an organized closet, you’ll need a system. Your system should be based around your wardrobe.


For instance:

If you don’t have a lot of clothes, you probably don’t need multiple hanging poles. Yet, that’s often what’s in the standard closet. So, you might benefit from taking down one or two of the poles.

Do you have a lot of bulky items? In that case, you might want to store them in baskets or vacuum-sealed bags. Extra shelves could open up some space for storing folded items.

Some people want to hang most of their wardrobe, and that’s fine, too. If you want to hang more stuff, use specialized hangers that make use of vertical space.

Take a step back and look at everything you decided to keep. How could it be returned efficiently to your closet? You have other options besides the basics.

Get creative and use every inch of space you have.


  1. Use Your Floor and Door Space

Unless you have an accordion door, you have extra space that’s probably not being used. There are hundreds of products on the market today that allow you to take advantage of the space on the back of your door.

Not all over-the-door organizers work the same. If your door is too snug for the ones you’ve used in the past, don’t give up!

Fabric storage organizers work well with doors that push tightly up against the doorframe. They’re made of thin fabric, so they don’t get stuck in the door.

Take advantage of the floor space in your closet, too. Footwear can be stacked on a shoe rack pushed against the back wall. If you don’t have enough room in your closet, drag the shoe rack out and place it near the closet door.

Remember, your closet doesn’t have to store everything in your wardrobe. If you have to expand your closet out into your bedroom a bit, that’s okay. Just make sure to do it neatly!


  1. Zone Your Closet

Zoning is a concept frequently used in kitchen organization, but the general idea can be used anywhere.

When you zone, you separate everything in the room based on ease of use. The items you use most often should be the easiest to access. Items you use less often can go on shelves or under your bed.

Wardrobe basics like socks and underwear should go in easy-to-reach baskets or drawers. Seasonal items can be vacuum-sealed and hidden away or set in baskets on shelves.


  1. Identify Things That Take Up Too Much Room

You’ve purged, rearranged, and zoned … but you’re not done yet! One final step remains in the organization puzzle.

When you’ve returned everything to its new place, take a look around. Look for areas where your closet is trying to spill out into your bedroom. Are there any baskets that are overflowing or drawers that are bursting at the seams?


If so, you have to keep organizing.

Clothes in overflowing baskets can be folded more strategically. If you’re not sure how to fold them, read these tips. (They will save you a lifetime of shoving and pushing to get just one more thing in that drawer.)

Check your bulky items. It may be time to invest in those storage bags or under-the-bed plastic totes.



By organizing your closet the right way this time, you’ll avoid having to do it again in a few weeks. Don’t half-step on this!

When there aren’t any clothes trying to jump out of their respective homes, you’re done. Congratulations … you’ve reached maximum organization!



 When your closet is clean and organized, everything seems to run smoother. Your mornings will be easier, your days will be more productive, and you’ll avoid the headache of having to search for missing items.

It doesn’t take long to redesign your closet, and once you do, you’ll never want to go back to your old ways again!


Author bio:

Jenny Bullock graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University. She currently works with Broadstone Briar Forest to make life better for their residents every day.


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