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Let’s face it unless you’re an entomologist, there’s virtually no one in the world who likes having insects at home. They’re gross, they bring diseases, and they ruin our household items. The fight against insects in our dwelling has been an ongoing battle since time immemorial and it’s not ending anytime soon. Here are tips and tricks you can do to keep these critters from wreaking havoc in your own home.

  1. Stay Alert

Insects might be these little things that seem to come from nowhere but your best defense when it comes to these critters entering your home is by staying vigilant and looking for signs of an infestation happening. Mosquitoes gaining entry into your home might be obvious but other pests might not be so. Staying alert on the tell-tale signs of infestation can help you prevent a small problem turning into a big one. For example, ants send out scouts to check if the space is friendly to ants so if you see one or two of these running around your home, better eliminate them before they can report back to base and bring in reinforcements.

  1. Secure Your Home

Another way to prevent insects from gaining entry inside your home is by making sure they don’t have any access point. At one point, all these critters that are calling your home their own were once outdoor creatures so ensuring that they don’t gain entry is one important way to prevent infestations. Repair anything that can possibly be an entry point such as a damaged window screen or a loose roof shingles. Make sure pipes and vents are caulked well as well.

  1. Keep Things Clean and Tidy

According to home pest control columbia sc, the number one reason that the bugs are drawn to your home is if it’s messy. Obviously, in order to avoid this, you might have to practice keeping things clean and tidy at home. Make sure crumbs are immediately wiped down from the kitchen counter; that dishes are washed as soon as possible, and that trash is disposed of on a daily basis. For those that you just don’t have the energy or the time to take out the trash, make sure you keep bins covered. Also, it helps that you vacuum regularly, at least a couple of times a week to avoid dirt and debris from ever accumulating indoors. Roaches are drawn to the smell of paper but hate light so try to minimize clutter from accumulating like stacks of newspapers and magazines, boxes, or bags.

  1. Stay Dry

If there is one thing that really draws bugs and insects into space, it’s water. These creepy-crawlies love hanging out in moist and damp places. They even raise their young in such conditions. A sink that’s overflowing with standing water and dirty dishes is sure to attract a couple of ants and roaches. There are also other less obvious spots that draw these critters such as the pipes right beneath the sink or in leaky bathrooms. Should you see these signs, make sure you call a plumber to immediately address the problem. Attics and basements are also obvious places that tend to get damp so consider using a dehumidifier in these rooms.

  1. Consider Natural Methods

Before, simply grabbing a can of Raid the moment we spot a roaming ant or cockroach was enough to solve the problem. But now, we live in a world that promotes natural prevention to many of your problems. In the case of insect infestations, there are a number of ways we can employ that doesn’t mean starting a chemical war with pests. Ants, for example, hate the smell of vinegar which you can use to clean cupboards with. Not only will it keep ants away from your food stock, but it will also disinfect the surface. You can also go for a homemade bug spray using a mixture of water and regular soap. Ants are also averse to many of the spices in your kitchen such as black pepper, cinnamon, red chili powder, and mint.


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