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4 Ways to Know When to Replace Your Garage Doors

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Most houses have some type of a garage. This is usually either part of the home or built as a separate structure alongside your home. Big or small, a Garage is an important part of a typical dwelling. It is the place where people store things, park their cars or use as some kind of workspace, recreational space or a combination of the two. No matter what the contents of a person’s garage happens to be, it is difficult to ignore that garage doors are vastly different from other kinds of doors. They are both larger than other doors on your home, and they can be more expensive to replace than normal sized doors. Nevertheless, the following are four ways to help you know when it is time to replace a garage door.

Your Garage Door Is Outdated

You seem to recall that the garage door that you currently have was installed back in the early 1970s. This means it is old and has begun to appear more out of place over the years. What your garage needs is a more modern door with those little box windows to make your home seem trendier. The problem with the older garage doors is most of these doors must be manually opened. Your garage door is no exception to this rule. While this is inconvenient, it is simply a fact. Now that you are older, the thought of having to physically open a garage door seems like such an outdated practice. For this reason, people often think about replacing their manual garage door with an electric version for greater convenience—even if they are not fully sure how a more modern garage door works. Updating a garage door in this fashion can help to make a garage quite functional again. With an electric garage door, this makes it much easier to get in and out of your garage by remote.

Selling a Home

When it comes time to sell your home, you might want to replace your garage doors for esthetic reasons. Maybe the old garage door was looking a little faded. Maybe the old garage door had far too many dents or dings. It is possible that a different color garage door might make a huge difference in basic curb appeal. This would seem to be the case, especially if you were planning on repainting the house a different color. Then you might need a garage door that more decisively matches the new color of your home.

Your Garage Door Is Broken

Most garage doors seem sturdy. Yet, given enough time, most any garage door will start to rust up and malfunction. This is a common problem in warm, humid climates like Florida. This can make it difficult for you to get in and out of your own home when you need access to your garage from the outside. Alternatively, you may have a garage door that has defective components. Whatever the reason your garage door does not work, replacing your garage door is always an option.

The Old Garage Door Is Not Wide Enough

It is possible that you want to create more interior space in your garage. To do this is going to involve widening the garage itself by a few feet or more. When you do this, the old garage door will not be wide enough to keep your garage secure and shut off from the outside world. In order to remedy this problem, you are going to need to replace your pre existing garage door with a new one. If your old garage door is still in good working order, habitat for humanity may have a use for it. That is to say, if you are willing to donate your old garage door to their organization.

Enjoying Your New Garage Door

You went through a lot of trouble to get the new garage door in place. The good news is that it looks better than your old garage door and works better too. This is going to make it easier to bring large items in and out of your garage without a lot of hassle. This is good news for you, because the next task is to clean out your garage to make more room which you have been talking about doing for some time now.

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