4 Things You Must Know When Your Property Is Water Damaged

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In 2018, natural disasters in the US cost the country a whopping $91 billion. Therefore, if you happen to be living in a city that is prone to floods, what are you supposed to do to protect your home from water damage? Fortunately, you will find water restoration services to come to your rescue during natural calamities. 

According to an article published on https://www.forbes.com, water damage accounts for the third major cause of loss or damage to homeowners, based on the findings of the Insurance Information Institute. Therefore, here are four things you must know when your home is water damaged:

1. Tread carefully in your home 

The rain and storm might have subsided for some hours, but that does not mean you will not tread in your house carefully. In case, you were not present in your house, re-enter your property taking cautious strides to avoid slips and falls. Make sure you switch off the power button and gas source. Wear protective shoes after the flood, as furniture or other things might have moved considerably inside the rooms. 

2. Ask your restoration services to check the property’s structural integrity 

You may have done the maintenance of your home just a couple of months ago to ensure the structural integrity of your property. However, flood or water damage could expose formerly unidentified weaker parts of your house. 

When any Minneapolis water damage contractor comes to your home for restoring water damage, they should first check your home’s foundation in the first place. Next, they should inspect all cracks on the walls or ceiling. Once they assure that the structural integrity is fine, the experts can start cleaning, removing water, drying up, and disinfecting your whole house for safe living. 

3. Take photographs of the damages caused 

When the cleaning and disinfection process is complete, it is time that you take photographs of the damages caused to your property. It could be anything like damp walls, leakage, cracked walls or ceiling, and things like that. No matter whether the damages are little or significant, document them to claim your insurance money as soon as possible. 

Replacing a damaged roof might prove expensive after a heavy storm and rain. Therefore, if you have evidence of all damages, your compensation claim will hold water and prove strong. 

4. Wear protective clothes 

Flood or damage can create more damage and pose risks than you can imagine and therefore, there are ample reasons to wear protective clothing. Dirty water might include sharp objects in the water, wastewater, and even mold spores in the air. 

The restoration experts will wear protective gear and so must you. If you have kids or pets around the house, move them elsewhere in a safe place. The health hazards related to flooding or water damage are huge and so avoid taking any chances. Wear appropriate and protective clothing to stay safe. 

Wrapping up

Natural calamities like floods can strike anytime leading to massive water damage to your property. Keep these tips in mind during such situations and hire experienced damage restoration services to help you recoup the loss and stay safe.

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