4 Ways To Beautify Your Home Today

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Your home could always use a little improvement and that is what this article is all about. I will help you by giving you ideas to cause your home to stand out.


Add flowers 

There are many positive benefits of flowers in the home. One of the greatest benefits of flowers is that they make you feel good. Imagine getting flowers on a special day. Flowers put a smile on your face and creates happiness in your life. Now imagine if you have them all around your home. Your home will look more vibrant and the atmosphere  of your home will change. What does the Bible say about flowers? Song of Solomon 5:13 says, “His cheeks are as a bed of spices, as sweet flowers: his lips like lilies, dropping sweet smelling myrrh.” In this passage we see that the Bible uses flowers as an illustration of beauty. I guarantee you that flowers will do a great job at beautifying your home.


Paint your walls

The color of your home says a lot about who you are. For example, mild greens and gentle purples says that you are an easy going person. Not only will painting your walls create a vibrant atmosphere in your home that your visitors will love, but it will also change the look of your home. Painting will remove the dullness and give your walls life. If your walls are dull and dirty, then that will hinder the potential of your home. Painting your walls will actually increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars.


Buy new furniture

It might be time for you to throw away the cheap furniture that you got from Craigslist. Don’t be afraid to swap out your old couch for a new one, which will easily increase the beauty of your home. Look all around you. Does your home consists of old lamps, old TV stands, and old bookcases? If so, then invest in something more modern. Many people are surprised how adding better furniture and items in your home changes the appearance of your home. One of the things that I added to my home to help it to stick out more was a reclining chair. It stands out and it is now one of the go to places to sit in my home. Without my reclining chair my home would appear naked. The little things in our home make a huge difference.


Remove clutter

There is nothing that destroys a home than having stuff everywhere. Don’t be a hoarder. Throw things that you don’t need away or give them to charity. More things don’t make a home look beautiful. However, things used properly can do wonders for your home. I love to take time every month to clean my place. I always find things that just need to go. Clean up everywhere. Get rid of those boxes that you don’t need. Remove that old radio that is taking up space in your living room. Put all your shoes in one place. Don’t leave your books lying around everywhere. Take out the vacuum and start using it.


Quotes that you will love

  • “Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris
  • “If you buy stuff you love, regardless of era or price, your home will be a true reflection of you.”
  • “A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy,” – Juan Montoya.”
  • “For me, decorating perfection means eclectic styles and collections of beautiful things like pottery, pillboxes and match strikers.” Jane Green

“I’ve always been a bit of a decorator. I think if I wasn’t a singer I’d probably be in stage setting or interior design or something. I like clutter and I’m quite visually greedy. I can’t have things to be plain; I have to have things looking interesting … maybe I’m just a frustrated interior designer stuck in a singing career.”

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