• 4 Things You Should Know About The Mdpe Pipe

    Nowadays MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) water pipes have become a phenomenon. The pipes are being used in homes as well as in commercial establishments to deliver water. This is because they have succeeded in eliminating the shortcomings that were previously experienced when using pipes that are made from steel. For a start, the pipes are cost effective. They are also designed to be recyclable. This is just a tip of the iceberg. There is so much more that’s not yet known about this type of pipes. Continue reading below to learn more about the benefits of MDPE pipes.

    1. Easy to Install

    MDPE pipes are slowly causing galvanized steel pipes to be faced out. This is due to the fact that MDPE are designed to be easy to install. The pipes are flexible meaning you can bend them without breaking them. As a matter of fact, you can connect multiple pipe fittings in a matter of minutes. The good thing is that you don’t need to be equipped with sophisticated tools to be able to install the pipes. The ease of installation also helps in reducing the cost of labor. On the contrary, installing other types of pipes is a cumbersome process, especially when you use galvanized pipes because you will first have to work on the grooves that will be used to connect the joints. When the installation process is tedious, you end up spending more days on the same job, which in return causes the cost of labor to go through the roof.


    1. Highly Resistant to Shocks and Cracks

    There are certain types of pipes that are not ideal for delivering water from the mains due to their vulnerability to cracks and shocks. When such damages keep happening, water gets wasted and you get slapped with a huge bill at the end of the month. Besides that, hiring a plumber every now and then can be a costly affair. With MDPE pipes that are in stock at EasyMerchant, such stories are unheard of. Unlike other pipes that crack when the pressure of water is high, MDPE are able to cope with such changes.

    The pipes are built to withstand any kind of shock. This means they remain intact even if they are walked over by a heavy truck or something close to that. The pipes can therefore be used for decades without requiring a replacement. And that’s not all. These type of pipes doesn’t react with the compounds that are present in water. This guarantees that the water that’s supplied to your home is free from contaminants such lead and sulphur.


    1. Withstand Changes in Temperature

    MDPE can be used outdoors and indoors. If you want to go deeper under the ground, then pile foundations are used. This is because MDPE are designed to withstand changes in temperature. Even if it’s during winter, the water will not freeze inside the pipes. When you use metallic pipes, there is no guarantee that you will still get adequate supply of water in case temperatures drop below the minimum. This is because the water will stop flowing due to freezing.


    1. Cost Effective

    Although the cost of buying MDPE is a bit higher than that of ordinary pipes, it’s cheap in the long run. For a start, you will not have to budget for repairs every few weeks. The other advantage is that the pipes help in keeping the cost of pumping water at bay. Since the pipes allow water to continue flowing smoothly even when pressure is high and vice versa, you spend less energy when operating the pump. For more details, visit Architectures Ideas!



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