• 4 Benefits of Corn Cob Media Blasting for Chinking Refurbishment

    The sheer number of benefits associated with living in a log home is astonishing. For the sake of clarity, some of the benefits in question include and 4 Benefits of Corn Cob Media Blasting for Chinking Refurbishment

    • Durability, Longevity, & Sustainability
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Natural Aesthetic Appeal
    • Seamless Connection to Nature
    • Health Benefits
    • Customization Options

    The list is way more than the above-listed. For more on the benefits, you can visit:

    However, these structures must be well maintained to get the best out of them. To this end, this article discusses several benefits of corn cob media blasting for chinking repair and/or refurbishment.

    Corn Cob Blasting: A Superior Choice for Chinking Repair & Refurbishment

    Chinking is the term used to explain the use of the right materials for filling up gaps and/or joints between logs in these structures. The term is also used to explain the overall process of doing this. Chinking is crucial for several reasons including the following:

    • Insulation
    • Sealing Gaps
    • Providing Structural Support
    • Moisture Protection
    • Aesthetic Enhancement

    However, even the best chinking materials have a timeline and would need repairing or refurbishment at some point. Engaging the right media blasting technique is vital for this reason, which is why corn cob media blasting is strongly advised. Some of the benefits of opting for this technique include the points below:

    1.      Gentle Abrasion

    Effectiveness, when it comes to removing prior chinking materials, is a huge part of the process. However, it is not all there is to the process. The effectiveness of the process is also about how well this can be done without causing damage to the wood/log.

    This is an area where corn cob media blasting edges a lot of other alternative media blasting techniques. It is a lot better than techniques that require the use of glass beads, sand, and a couple of other traditional materials used for the same purpose.

    The question some readers may be asking is why this is even an advantage in the first place. Well, it is because harsh abrasive effects can damage a wood/log’s texture. Some of the ways this can happen, especially in the long run, include the following ways:

    • Discoloration
    • Splintering/Chipping
    • Dulling
    • Surface Erosion
    • Grain Damage
    • Etching

    To avoid the aforementioned and a few others, you should not just be concerned about a technique’s ability to rid your log/wood of dirt, debris, and old chinking materials. Additionally, pay attention to the technique’s long and short-term effects on the wood/log’s surface.

    2.      Non-Toxicity & Eco-friendliness

    There has never been a time to be more conscious of how our individual and collective actions affect the planet. This is considering the harsh realities of climate change such as:

    • Rising Temperatures
    • Harsh Weather Events – Such as floods, hurricanes, wildfires, and droughts
    • Melting Glaciers & Ice Caps
    • Ocean Acidification
    • Food & Water Insecurity
    • Negative Health Impacts
    • Displaced Communities
    • Loss of Biodiversity
    • Social Inequality
    • Adverse Economic Impacts

    Frankly, the negative realities are a lot more than you see above. You can read this article for more information on this subject. You should therefore be mindful of the media blasting technique that you opt for in the spirit of playing your part in saving our planet.

    This is why the corn cob media blasting technique is strongly advised as it is one of the most eco-friendly options. The major reason for this is that harmful toxins or fumes are not released into the atmosphere when this media blasting technique is used.

    3.      Versatility

    Certain media blasting techniques can be used on surfaces other than wood. Interestingly, corn cob media blasting is a prime example as it also comes in handy for wood, brick, stone, and even metal surfaces.

    4.      Easy Clean-Up

    People who have very little or no idea of how this technique works might think a lot of cleanup effort would be required. This is especially concerning how effective it is at getting rid of dirt, debris, and old chinking materials.

    Interestingly, a small residue is usually left behind after the blasting process. As a result, there would be very little or no need for extra cleanup procedures as cleanup is usually easy. Well, the same cannot be said of several other alternative techniques.

    It’s important to state here that not every builder can handle projects like these. To ensure that you get the best job done, be sure that the builder you choose doesn’t just understand log buildings but also knows the unique challenges of the area. To this end, choose builders who operate within your location.

    For example, if your project location is in Pennsylvania, look for a builder who operates in and understands the requirements of building in the area.


    Quite a bit has been said about the benefits of corn cob media blasting as seen above. Overall, there are at least four (4) justifications for the benefits shared above and several others. The justifications in question are:

    • Effective chinking removal
    • Surface preparation without causing damage to wood/log
    • Gentle cleaning
    • Eco-friendliness

    You would most likely agree that these are good enough justifications for choosing a media blasting technique. This is especially true when the choice is for chinking repair and/or refurbishment. So, ensure that you make an informed decision by bearing these benefits in mind when the need for a media blasting technique arises.

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