• 3 Tools You’ll Need To Fix A Drywall Hole

    These days most homes have drywall, the type of walls that are constructed using gypsum materials. Unlike ordinary walls that are made from concrete, drywall can be very delicate. For example, they can crack easily when you bang something against them. Even a doorknob is enough to poke a hole through the wall. Such damage should be repaired immediately. For a start, they make the interior of your house look horrible when hung alone without an additional wall in front of them. Besides that, if you fail to repair your wall, they can become a breeding nest for pests such as rats and cockroaches.

    In fact, repairing a drywall hole is very easy. You actually don’t need to hire someone to do a job that you can finish in a couple of minutes. All you need is an arsenal of tools and you will be able to do the job on your own. Here is a list of the tools that you will need when fixing a hole that’s on the drywall.


    1. Jab Saw

    A jab saw is a special tool that’s used for cutting through gypsum material. The saw is actually smaller in size than other common types of saws. In fact, the saw can be mistaken with a pen knife. After locating the hole, you will need to use the jab saw to make a square cut around the hole. Since the saw has a sharp tip, you should insert into the hole and start cutting either vertically or horizontally. It really doesn’t matter whether you start with the vertical or horizontal cut. All that’s needed is a square cut that’s a bit larger than the interior of the hole.

    A larger cut enables you to see the depth of the hole so that you can decide on what to do when sealing the damage. If the hole is close to the roof, you might need to use a ladder to be able to reach it. But you can also improvise a chair by standing on it when working on surfaces that are beyond your reach.  And since sawing is a messy job, you will need to wipe the resulting dust. This helps in preventing the dust from caking. Remember, such a reaction can contaminate the sealing paste or compound.


    1. Drywall Knife

    A drywall knife looks like a chisel that has a wide, flat blade. The knife comes in handy when you need to fill a drywall hole with a sealing compound. This is because it makes it easy to scope the compound and spread it on the surface that needs to be filled. In fact, it’s a very affordable tool that’s available at  The good thing is that the tool has a long lifespan. A single purchase can therefore last more than a decade, especially when the tool is used once in a while. When spreading the sealing compound, you should ensure that it covers all the edges of the hole. In fact, you should use the knife to remove excess sealing compound so that you don’t leave any bumps on the wall.


    1. Sanding Sponge

    Most people think that sanding is only done on wooden, glass and metallic surfaces. Although it’s done the same way on all surfaces, the sanding tool that’s used on drywalls is a little bit different. The sander is designed to look like a big mop. Besides that, the sponge comes with a grooved hole for attaching a pole. You can therefore use it on surfaces that are too high. After stuffing the hole with a sealing compound, you will have to sand the surface to remove excess sealant. In fact, this guarantees that you get a smooth surface. However, you can only sand the surface after the sealing compound has dried.

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