3 Tips for Affordable Moving to Save You Some Bucks

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When it comes to relocation to a new city, it involves much investment like strength, emotions, and of course financial worries. Therefore, if you plan at least six months ahead of the moving process, it will help you put aside some money for the relocation. First, you need to look for a reliable mover, ensure the safe transit of your belonging, as well as affordable. You cannot expect to spend thousands of dollars on your relocation. 

According to an article published on https://www.bbc.com, if you cannot move to an expensive city, try to move to a resale home at a low cost. Moreover, you can renovate parts of that house later once you have settled and the relocation is over. Therefore, read on to learn about the three tips on budget-friendly moving. 

1. Consider the best moving date of the month 

Though many people like to relocate during a month’s end or weekends, try to move during the weekdays or the middle of a month, if you have that flexibility. Inform your mover about the budget that you have and do not hesitate to mention it. You can always request special discounts or rates from professional removalists to guide you through the further procedure.


Professional movers know the best dates and favorable conditions of relocation. You can consult about such things free of cost. Shop around and compare prices, and next fill up a quote form that best suits your finances. There are moving companies in the city that allow a 10 percent discount on the total cost if you book online. 

2. Sell stuff you do not require instead of throwing away

When you start sorting your belongings ahead of time, you can identify the unwanted items and sell them online. Instead of throwing things away, you can look for platforms such as eBay or for that matter Amazon, some of the best auction houses on the web. 

You can sell items like old toys, furniture covers, old books, and old lawn furniture that you no longer use. Make sure you describe all items honestly and post high-resolution photos of the same. You’ll find online buyers looking for games, old books, and used electronic gadgets, at a discounted rate. There are secondhand stores, flea markets, where you can sell your superfluous items. Use the money to spend on your relocation expenses. 

3. Use free packing boxes and materials 

Who says that you need to buy packing boxes? Try saving your hard-earned money by using old boxes or organizing boxes from electronics stores, supermarkets, or hardware stores without shelling out a penny. 

Use your creativity when packing stuff like crockery, dinner sets, cutlery, etc. Use towels and old t-shirts to pack such items. You can use old socks to pack glasses, especially wine glasses. 

Some movers provide packing boxes at throwaway prices, in case you cannot procure packing materials on your own. These are part of their moving services and therefore, they charge very little or nothing for it.

Wrapping up

Make your relocation safe and affordable as much as possible. You need to shop around and use your creativity for the same. 


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