3 Interior Design Projects You Can Do For Less Than £100

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Updating your home’s interior décor is one of the best parts about being a homeowner, you have full creative control over how your home will look and what décor pieces you use around the home. But when you have to work to a budget that can take the fun out of your interior design.

So rather than having to make compromises on your fantasy décor, you can look to do individual projects that fit your budget and work through your home slowly, rather than diving into the deep end and attempting multiple projects at the same time which would end up being more costly.

So, to help you find individual budget friendly décor projects, here are 3 interior design projects you can undertake for less than £100!

Getting New Blinds


A new set of window blinds can really change the look of a room, they can inject a colour into a room and change the lighting for a room, making them a very versatile furnishing that can work in almost any design scheme due to the wide array of blinds types and available colours. Wooden Venetians will look great in rooms with rustic décor, vertical blinds will look excellent in your home office and Roman blinds can elevate your bedrooms décor!

Finding blinds for less than £100 is actually an easy task nowadays, the rise of the internet has made blinds more affordable as online only blinds companies have popped up due to the fact they can operate with less overheads than retail stores. So just by visiting an online blinds company, rather than a local retailer, you can get the perfect blind for less than £100.

Colour Pop Your Wooden Edges

For those who don’t know what ‘colour pop’ is, it’s simply the design philosophy of using bright colours as a highlight against neutral backing, which will make the colour ‘pop’ and be more noticeable. Colour Pop is often used on kitchen cabinet doors to add colour to a kitchen. But rather than just focus on the kitchen, you can use colour pop around the entirety of your home by colour popping wooden edges in your home, so the edge of shelves, the edge of doors, etc.

This allows you to add a lot of colour around your home and again, this should be able to fit in any colour scheme. You can do this project for cheap by using test-paint-rollers rather than buying a whole tin of paint, simply find a few brightly colour test-rollers and use them on wooden edges around your home, as you’ll only be painting a small surface area, a few testers should be more than enough.

Print & Frame Your Own Posters

Posters have long been used for interior décor, much light pieces of art, they’re a great way to add a focal point to a room, use more colour in a room or simply to just set a theme for a room. But as demand has increased for high quality posters, the price of them has risen quite dramatically as they’re treated more like art rather than a simple design element.

Although you can circumvent the expensive cost of posters, by getting custom printed posters. There is a long list of companies that make custom posters online, most of them actually work out cheaper than buying posters. So by finding designs that you like and getting them printed online will work out a lot cheaper, if you want to go the extra mile, you can also buy frames for your posters to make them look more professional.

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