• 3 Effective ways to drive traffic to your Business Website using Social Media

    3 Effective ways to drive traffic to your Business Website using Social Media

    Social media is humongous and is growing every day. There are multiple fan pages, groups, company pages and personal pages with which you will be able to engage yourself with the target audience. The next three tips which are given in this article will help you to have increased amounts of traffic from a lot of top quality social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. In today’s competitive world of business marketing, you have to be always on top with continuous changes in trends, and hence this can become more pronounced if you get more traffic in your business website.

    1. Automate the Entire Process

    Automated social media engagement will get you more traffic through organic methods. You can do it with a lot of free websites, although there are paid services which will be helpful for you too. These services will put all your marketing on autopilot, at this time you will constantly become in front of your audience, and as a result of this, your traffic will tend to improve. There are a lot of paid software packages available, which you will be able to use in expanding your business reach. At the same time, they can also help you adding value to your business.

    1. Ask for more Shares, Likes, and Re-tweets

    You need to present your followers with a dedicated call to action button. When you see someone enjoy any form of content that you are sharing on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platforms, then they will become more receptive also to share that type of content also. You need to tell them specifically what they have to do, and you will also get to enjoy a higher chance of improving your traffic more Shares, Comments, Re-tweets and Likes, etc. This is a time-tested method of expanding your outreach to more people who may not have been easy to reach otherwise.

    1. Make sharing on Social Media Simpler

    When you have any blogs or websites, then you must provide easy and simple methods of sharing your contents. This will mean that you must add sharing buttons for social media pages along with the plugin options inside all your main web properties. This will guarantee that it becomes easy, simple and quick for readers to spread the word about your business if they find any useful and beneficial post.

    You need to get more Instagram followers to get a more people to visit your website through Instagram and consequently become your business’ leads.


    Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have taught you about some techniques to get more traffic to your business website from social media.

    Author bio: John Williams is a veteran blogger who writes for various reputed websites about digital marketing. He suggests you get more Instagram followers to get more traffic to your site.

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