3 BHK Apartment Interiors at Yari Road | Amit Shastri Architects

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3 BHK Apartment Interiors at Yari Road | Amit Shastri Architects

The Project:

Amit Shastri Architects & Interior Designer(ASA) is known for their detail-driven work with the crisp programming of lines and spaces. The client’s brother, who’d already been a client of the firm, was well acquainted with ASA’s work and had strongly recommended that his brother goes with ASA on this project. The 3-BHK apartment project had a precise brief: the owners lived abroad and this was to be their holiday home in India. They wanted a modern, contemporary space which would be easy to maintain, felt like a cosy home and yet had unique elements to make it stand apart.

Detailed Design Note:

The architect enjoyed a carte blanche in designing and execution of the home. The programme was evolved after studying the lifestyles and habits of the couple and their two school-going girls in detail. The intent was to create a design mark while optimizing the function of the space. The first step to the design was to carefully consider the space, purposefully design and position the furniture and derive efficient solutions integrating each element to form a part of the larger design.

Execution note:

This design concept was derived from the brief that this would be a holiday home and would be used to socialise while the family was in India. Function drove the design towards a comfortable decor with neutral colours featuring wood, veneer with natural polish and Italian marble. The only exception to the rule was the spunky girls’ room. A variant of veneers – such as fumed stripy oak in the living room, fumed eucalyptus in the guest room, dyed ash sage in the children’s room, dyed oak in the master bedroom – imbue the space with understated glamour.A wide range of Italian marble –grey Fresco, bronze Armani in the living room and white travertine in the master bedroom – heighten the richness, as do the frosted glass on the walls and Italian marble wall cladding.

All the furniture, including sofas and dining chairs, has been customised on site to make good use of every possible inch and add a unique grandeur to the interiors. Working on vertical and horizontal lines, mirrors have been strategically used as wall claddings to triumphing over the visual constraint of a rectangular space.A dynamic lighting palette with geometric patterns creates different moods for different occasions, thus rendering drama to space which sees a lot of entertaining.

With the focus on detailing and innovative utilization of materials, the architect successfully translated the brief into the reality of an elegant and luxurious holiday home within a tight span of 160 execution days.

Fact File:

Location: Yari Road Mumbai

Details of the space (area in sq ft): 1350 sft (3 BHK)

Concept & Interior Design: Contemporary Design

Principal/ Creative Director: Amit Shastri

Design Team: Hajra Sheikh

Photograph credits: © Photographix | Ira Gosalia


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