• 10 Stylish Décor Tips & Tricks for Pet Parents

    Once you adopt a pet, your entire life changes. You have to remember to feed them timely, keep them clean, give them your love and attention.

    We rearrange our entire lives around our pets. Yet most people don’t consider rearranging their houses around them.

    As lovely and loving pets are, they make your house a disaster area. People believe there is no escaping the disorder it causes your interiors. This disarray can be easily prevented simply by styling your houses with your pets in mind.

    We present to you 10 Stylish Décor Tips and Tricks especially designed for Pet parents.

    Read on to turn your chaotic house into a dream space for you and your pet.

    1. Proper Flooring

    Pets can make your beautiful carpeting a disaster. Pet hairs, accidental wet spots, etc are a constant source of headaches for pet owners. If you want to keep a carpet in your room then regular cleaning is a requirement. Using good carpet cleaners can go a long way in saving your carpet.

    If you are redecorating, avoid carpeting if possible. Opt for solid floors like tiles or painted concrete. In case of wooden floors, one has to be extra careful that liquids don’t seep through. Hardwood is the way to go since it’s hard to scratch.

    2. Use Your Pet Colors!

    Since you are decorating your house around your pets, why not match the colors too? Wondering why we consider this as an amazing trick? Pet hair. Yes, the ultimate nightmare of a pet owner.

    Hair, there, everywhere! There is no telling when and where your pet decides to shed. If your pillows and rugs match the shades of your labrador or tabby, the light dusting of fur will be less visible.

    3. Fun Fabric for You & Your Little Friend

    In a house with pets, the fabric covering the furniture and decoratives can become a huge problem. Owners must find the right match that can handle the torture from pet bites and claws.

    Colorful fabrics of nanotex technology are a good investment. This way the material exposed to your pets will be stain, wrinkle, and water repellent! You can also use denim or leather as an alternative.

    4. Human Furniture for Pets

    Pets love using (and destroying) your furniture. What if you could find pet size furniture that resembles human ones?

    Many stores now provide a smaller version of homey couches and armchairs. These are usually made to fit kiddie sizes. If baby humans can have them, why not your pets? They will find their place of comfort without ruining your favorite sofa.

    5. Something Your Pet can Call their Own

    Another way to stop your pet from ruining your furnishing is buying some for them. Dog beds, cat trees, you name it! Any of these can help immensely to take your pet’s attention away from your things.

    Be very careful while buying things your little friend will use. You don’t want to spend a ton of money on a scratch post your cat hates. Observe your pets. See what they like and try to mimic that in the things you buy for them.

    6. Organize Your Pet Belongings

    Having a pet is just like having a child. They can make your house messy with their belongings. Instead of having them lying around everywhere, put them to a particular side.

    Buying wicker baskets or decorative chests for pet belongings can add to the decor of your rooms. Hide the chew toys, feathers toys brushes away in a fashionable manner inside them.

    7. Buy Unbreakable Decorations & Wall Pieces

    The number of broken decoratives pet owners has to mourn over are too many to count. So, it’s always wise to buy something your dog or cat can’t destroy.

    Shatterproof yet stylish vases and showpieces are now widely available. It will save you money and the hassle of replacing.

    Wall hangings, framed photographs, and paintings are also great choices. What they can’t reach, they can’t break!

    8. Cheap Rugs all the way!

    Dogs love chewing rugs and if you try to pull it away, they think you want to play tug of war! Even with many chew toys, your dog may still gnaw on your favorite rug. Go easy on your savings and buy cheap rugs.

    They are easier to throw out and replace. Plus you will get an excuse to bring a little change to your rooms, without spending a fortune.

    9. Try Designer Pet Necessities

    Things like litter boxes and crates generally look unattractive. Amongst all your stylish decor they stick out like sour grapes.

    Did you know that you can find designer litter boxes, crates, and accessories for your pet? Fashionable litter boxes resembling classy counters or even art pieces and can easily blend in with your room decor.

    If you are willing to spend your top dollar on your best pal, try buying a fancy crate that is stylish and functional.

    10. How about a Pet Room?

    Rather than letting your pet own your house, how about you get them their own room. This trick is handy especially in case of large dogs who tend to take over the entire house.

    A pet room can be your fashion statement. Think of every single thing (which is a LOT of things) your pet needs. Now organize them in a stylish manner in this room solely belonging to them.

    You can raise your pet in style by putting up fixtures like feeding stations or an adventure cat box.


    Final Thoughts

    Your pet holds a special place in your heart. Even if they make life a little difficult sometimes, nothing can ever make you give them up.

    But loving them doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream house. Considering your pets while you decorate your house. It will help your pet become interior friendly.

    Following these 10 Stylish Décor Tips and Tricks for Pet Parents can help you get that amazing house you always wanted. What are you waiting for? Make that dream house a reality!


    Author Bio:

    Shawn is a content writer at FeedFond. He’s a doting father not only to his two children but also to his two Golden Retrievers. Check out more of his articles at

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