Prodigal demolition- Iconic Hall of Nations pulled down!

Prodigal demolition- Iconic Hall of Nations pulled down! After the demolition of two iconic structures  I.e. The Hall of Nations and the Hall of Industries in our capital, in PRAGATI MAIDAN, retrogation is in order rather than the progress. According to the INTACH, which has been fighting a losing legal battle for the preservation of[…]

Peek inside Trump’s Post-Presidential House.

Quick tour inside Donald Trump’s House ! As Americans try to come to terms with the astonishing prospect that Donald Trump is the new U.S. president, and before he moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we were excited to know what properties will he leave behind? Donald Trump is one of the most well-known real estate[…]

Architecture is not a dictum!!!   We have several people , to provide several ideas on the mere, poorly , pathetic term “Architecture”; which unfortunately is so much misunderstood that the beauty and charm of the excellence of the term is being so easily wiped off!!!   Architecture arose when man decided to build. He[…]