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Colonial Minimalism Residential Bungalow | Flamingo Interiors

Colonial Minimalism Residential Bungalow | Flamingo Interiors, For an Ahmedabadi residential bungalow occupying 6000 square feet, Flamingo Interiors undertook a project with both, colonial and minimalistic ambitions. Furniture layout of the entertainment areas was designed with the perspective of freeness of movement. Focused transitions in spaces highlighted their individual purposes.   Vernacular interior design was[Read More]

COURTYARD HOUSE, Ahmednagar | Tao Architecture
Indian Courtyard Design

COURTYARD HOUSE Ahmednagar  Tao Architecture ‘Outside In’ Airy, scenic, spacious and landscaped; seemed like unimaginable attributes for a residence on a tight, gloomy, 3400 sq.ft. plot in the dense residential locales of Ahmednagar. To counter opposing site conditions, the living space was conceived as an inward facing structure enclosing a central landscaped courtyard. What resulted, was[Read More]

Minimal Interior of villa | Rachele Biancalani Architecture & Design

Minimal Interior of villa | Rachele Biancalani Architecture & Design A new Villa in the middle of Tuscan Country between Florence and Arezzo that Rachele Biancalani Studio designed with Matteo Bonechi technician. The junior Architect and Interior Designer Rachele Biancalani has designed Interiors, Garden, and Lighting. The buyers, a young couple with a little son,[Read More]

Skewed House | Studio Lagom

Skewed House | Studio Lagom From Architects: An interesting book, an engaging thought, a flight of fantasy or nothingness… A private sanctuary that is the garden at Skewed House. Solitude in the midst of golden-hearted Champa blossoms; unwinding to the tune of the wind chime. Material shifts and elevational modulation establishes the programmatic changes within[Read More]

Motifs Design in house was inspired by peafowl | Design Square
Motifs Design

Motifs Design in this house was inspired by peafowl | Design Square ABOUT ARCHITECTS: Design Square is a Design Firm Managed by Architects and Interior Designers, providing design solution from conception to culmination. Our multifaceted alliance seamlessly integrates different aspects of architecture, interior design and landscape design into a holistic spatial experience. PROJECT BRIEF: The[Read More]