Workspace with a Timeless Appeal | Amazing interiors

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Workspace with a Timeless Appeal | Amazing interiors

The design firm, Amazing Interiors, Surat shifts to their new office space which is undoubtedly minimal, subtle, and truly successful in mounting a harmonious aura. It is designed to emit a pleasant atmosphere with its neutral and earthy colors and tranquilizing materials. The design had to have timeless features for future generations to take over space. It also revolves around the concept of emphasizing the best features the site had to offer- plenty of natural light breaking in through the large window and the incredible view.

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The design is simple with neat lines and sober designing. Veneer and metal vividly take shape because of their desired qualities in attaining a clean and sleek look respectively. One would step into the space to confront a stand-alone reception desk with its modest appearance veiled in a metal grid. A monochromatic color scheme with the wooden floor, wall veneer paneling, and plain grooved ceiling enchant those soothing vibes into space. Hence, no vibrant colors were intended to dominate or disturb this composure.

What sets off as an element of interest here is the anthropometric wall painting emphasizing on the kind of work the firm swears by. The aluminum profile running through the ceiling acts in visually breaking the flat ceiling. The reception briefs towards the two core spaces- the designer’s cabin and studio. They get efficiently segregated by a storage cum partition unit. The aim was to maximize space utilization in this area of 800 sq. ft. Apt use of lighting righteously highlights the salient features such as the metal letters denoting the name of the firm.

The designer’s cabin is humble and soothing with its settled hues and eloquent materials. The theme revolves around instilling a neo-classical concept mainly with its rear wall painted in a characteristic grey hue. The POP molding that frames the wall, imbibe that classical touch to space. This wall gets centered by a picture that gestures towards the amalgamation of a classical and modern taste- just like the concept for the workspace.

The desk uses a grey tile surface with sleek metal legs finished in Duco paint. The wooden flooring and the white grooved POP ceiling beautifully capture in the natural light to pacify the aura in the room. Otherwise, the cabin is left with minimal bearings to enhance only the essentials.  Also, the TV wall is backed by Italian style tiling; besides an elementary bookshelf. The bookshelf is thoughtfully designed with its plain sailing- in simple horizontal and vertical lines- to not hinder the view and light from the transparent glass window.

The studio is designed with the utmost attention to its functionality and timeless appeal.  The storage unit gets surfaced in sedate veneer with a utilitarian niche, also leaving a place for stacking the elements of interest. This unit also acts as the partition wall aiding in maximizing space utilization. The niches are well-lit with warm aluminum profile lights to highlight the movables. Again, the room attains ample natural light enhancing the mood-thus, supporting coherence in the work environment.

The office successfully features an efficient and pleasant workspace with its neo-classical essences- thus, curating a contemporary space with its timelessness for the generations to come.


Architecture Firm: Amazing interiors

Area: 800 Sqft

Year Of Completion: 2020

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Principal Architect: Vicky. J. Doctor

Photo Credits: Bhavesh raghavani  ( Yellow Frames )

Text credit: Megha Hirani



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