With Myriad of Handmade Aesthetic Products under Stone Cladding let us Dive Deep inside the Know-Hows of FlexStone.inc

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With Myriad of Handmade Aesthetic Products under Stone Cladding let us Dive Deep inside the Know-Hows of FlexStone.inc

FlexStone is a leading name when it comes to handmade aesthetic products in the field of architecture. Coping up with the needs of the progressive high octane construction industry without compromising with mother nature is what Flexstone has successfully achieved. It has mastered exclusive ranges of ultra-modern products under the umbrella of stone cladding. 

Digging deep, one would want to know more about such a venture not only for its aesthetics but also for its core ideas and its co-working with nature. Today, we have the pleasure of a conversation with Mr. Shivam Biyani, Director of FlexStone to open up about the venture and elaborate upon their products and workings. So, here is an exclusive interview of Mr. Shivam with Ar. Megha Hirani from The Architect’s Diary. Read along…

M.H. Hello, Mr. Shivam Biyani. It is a pleasure to have you in conversation with us today! FlexStone has had remarkable achievements in a very short time span. What are the core values and motto that has encouraged the company to move at such a fast pace?

S.B. Hello, Megha. Thank you for having us on The Architect’s Diary. The core value of our company has always been about creating a positive impact on the environment and providing the best possible services to our customers and trade partners. We want to imprint the world with diverse, innovative, and affordable solutions that are aesthetic, maintenance-free, and weather-resistant. The pillars of FlexStone rest on adopting eco-friendly practices such as upcycling 80% of our raw materials, keeping minings at bay, zero pollutant emission in the stone making, and ensuring the highest possible energy efficiency and other such practices that we don’t compromise with.

M.H. Kindly throw some light on the product design and quality. What are the main qualities that you ensure in your product range?

S.B. At FlexStone we take quality assurance very seriously. We look at the durability and the realness of the product while maintaining its aesthetics. Our solutions are developed by thoroughly understanding the needs of the users combined with extensive Research & Development. Along with aesthetics, FlexStone also ranks high on functionality with absorbing less than 3% moisture & density 1800 kg/m3 compressive strength of more than 22 mpa.

M.H. Please elaborate upon your product range for our readers and where and in what manners can they be used?

S.B. All our products are exterior grade, so you can use it anywhere you like. We have more than 80 designs in 5 to 7 different color palettes. We have different bricks, textures, panel formats, grills, etc. We offer a diverse array of designs for Cluster Stones, Vertical Stamping, Synthetic Stucco, Decorative Stamp Concrete Floor, Nano Topping, Architectural Grilles, with waterproofing suitable for both exterior and interior applications. Our pioneering range is a cladding solution that is free from fungus and algae infestation along with being easy to install.

M.H. Opting for handmade products is what makes you special. What inspires you to be so nature centric and how do handcrafted products differ from the ordinary?

S.B. Ever since the company was established the main focus was to be close to our natural surroundings without disturbing Mother Nature. There is a lot of research involved on various levels with product design and its textures and colors. We work on our handmade designs so as to make our work distinctive and exclusive and they comprise the natural aesthetic elements that can easily captivate glances in a way or the other. Handmade products keep monotony at bay and are more about the rawness and the beauty that can effortlessly enhance architecture in the desired manner.

M.H. Any upcoming product or design coming up in the near future that makes you very excited?

S.B. Yes, there is always a new product coming up here. We have recently launched the ‘Lava’ finish on our sand blast series. We also have 4×4 terrazzo floors coming up. Quite excited about that.

M.H. Indeed, so many interesting facts about the brand are coming upfront! Where is FlexStone heading towards? Where do you see FlexStone in the next decade?

S.B. We see FlexStone representing India in the cladding industry globally. We are expanding at a rapid pace and the response from the people has been exceptional and very positive. We are a recognized brand in the country now and yes, growing every day!

M.H. How are you planning to expand through the franchise system that you are offering?

S.B. The franchise system is created to make sure that the product reaches every city, every town and can be accessed by the maximum population possible. We have about 55 FlexStone galleries in the country and we are looking at another 20-25 in the coming 12 to 14 months. Allowing franchisees help us in expanding our ideologies as well as our product range all across. 

Explore their work here!

Questions: Ar. Megha Hirani (Content Contributor, The Architect’s Diary)

Answers : Shivam Biyani (Director, FlexStone)

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