• Why is Dehumidification Important After Foundation Repair? 

    More than half of the total air that circulates the living space in your home originates from your foundation. Even though your home’s foundation appears to be dry, moisture may still be present. After installing an air conditioner or a ventilation system, you may be rest assured about maintaining a desired level of humidity in your home. However, it is not always sufficient to remove excess moisture, although your foundation is completely dry and maintains a strong foundation. Therefore, drying helps you to significantly reduce moisture content in your home after a repair, as it delivers long-term solutions to enhance your home’s integrity. 

    Read on to learn more about how humidity removal will help you after a repair and some tips for maintaining your dehumidifiers. 

    Why Should You Go for a Foundation Repair? 

    Especially if your home is situated in a humid region, taking care of your foundation is a must. Do you spot cracks all over your foundation walls? Are your floors bouncy? If yes, ignoring these signs means welcoming more problems in your home. Here are some of the signs that signal that your foundation is damaging: 

    • Your home’s structure weakens if you have a wet foundation. 
    • A moist foundation becomes an entry point for unwanted insects.
    • Your HVAC system malfunctions when it is eroded by dirt and mold. 
    • You recently encountered a heavy water leakage at your home. 
    • If your home has a wet foundation, rust will form on its doors. Over time, even your power tools and vehicle parts will corrode. 
    • You will unexpectedly get higher energy bills as your HVAC stresses too much to maintain your desired temperature levels. 
    • If you have wooden doors and windows, they will rot due to excessive humidity.
    • You will have a sinking feeling in your heart while walking all over your home.

    Now that you are aware of the consequences of your foundation’s failure, you must take necessary actions immediately to get rid of all the situations mentioned above. If not, you will soon have to bear expensive repairs in the future. Moreover, your home gets possessed by mold, and thus, you will suffer from constant headaches, skin irritation, consistent cough, and asthma. Not only is a wet foundation risky to you and your family’s health, but it also affects the value of your home as well. With a wet foundation, you will notice cracks of different varieties that are structurally damaging. As a result, your buyers will not be attracted to your home anymore, as they have to start the repair process as soon as they move in. 

    Therefore, delaying any issues in your foundation should never be your option. If you feel that your foundation is facing problems, correcting them without any delay is a necessity to protect your home. One effective way to keep your foundation dry is to install dehumidifiers. 

    How Will Your Foundation Benefit From Dehumidification?

    As per the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s recommendations, you must maintain humidity levels within the range of 30% – 50% in order to protect your family with proper ventilation and air conditioning. In this case, dehumidifiers help, and here are a few reasons showing how they will benefit your foundation: 

    • When you install dehumidifiers, you do not have to deal with mold and pests.
    • Your comfort level at home increases significantly when your foundation is well-conditioned. 
    • After installing dehumidifiers, it will absorb moisture from your foundation which can lead to peeling paint due to condensation. 
    • Excess humidity will not damage your home’s electronics, such as refrigerators, washing machines, or dishwashers. 
    • Your smelly rooms will remain fresh as there will not be any space for mold growth. 

    What Is the Process Involved in Dehumidification? 

    Your major enemy is water in your foundation! Draining standing water may be a simple task for you, but moisture pockets may still be hidden in your foundation corners. And in no time you will observe that your home is contaminated with dangerous mold. With deeply penetrating moisture, you will observe a sagging basement that will ultimately weaken your foundation. Such situations demand professional attention where you must hire individuals to work towards implementing effective foundation repair techniques and installing dehumidifiers. 

    To start with, the dehumidification process is simply about keeping the air dry and maintaining humidity levels as prescribed by the US EPA. When it’s hot outside, warm air enters your foundation, and when it comes in contact with the cold surfaces in your foundation, the air cools down, and condensation takes place as the temperature is low. After condensation, you can expect mold or mildew to mushroom around within the next 24-48 hours of exposure. Before this happens, if you have a dehumidifier in your foundation, warm air enters cooling coils and traps moisture, keeping air dry. Therefore, dry air circulates, and excess moisture is then directed out of your foundation with the help of output ducts. 

    With proper circulation of air around your home and an addition of dehumidifiers in your family, you will definitely avoid any losses in the future. 

    Taking Care of Your Dehumidifiers 

    If your dehumidifiers are not working properly, the process of dehumidification is hindered. When your dehumidifiers underperform, you will start noticing that your foundation repair has not reaped maximum benefits. We have some tips for you to follow that will help you maintain your dehumidifiers, which will make sure that there is no compromise in the drying of your foundation:  

    • Your dehumidifiers protect your home from mold, but if the mold that has migrated into your dehumidifier is not cleaned properly, it will malfunction.
    • Make sure that you clean your dehumidifiers annually. 
    • If you feel that your dehumidifiers are not working properly and are not pulling as much moisture after repair as they should have, you must check your humidistat to prevent overloading your dehumidifiers. 
    • As dehumidifiers are constantly in contact with water, you must look into their coils. Coils may freeze during extreme temperatures, so you must take special care in the winter to prevent sudden outbursts. 
    • If you have doubts, never delay calling your trusted professional. They will help you with all your foundation concerns. 

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