Why Do You Need Impact Sockets? 

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If you are in need of superior torque and power for fastening bolts, there’s hardly any other choice except for an impact socket. These sockets are designed and made to be used with impact wrenches that are powered by electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic force. 

When the impact wrench and impact socket comes into play together, fastening nut and bolts get a lot easier, and child’s play. So, why do you need impact sockets? Well, we will have a close look at why an impact socket delivers better service compared to regular ones. 

What Is An Impact Socket?

Impact sockets are regular sockets with much more durability. The sockets are built from molybdenum, that’s why these are heavier and stronger than the traditional ones. A distinctive feature of an impact socket is that it comes in black color. This color coating prevents the impact socket from corrosion. The finishing is done with black oxide. 

Different Types Of Impact Sockets 

There are basically two types of impact sockets in the market. A single piece one and a double piece one. The double piece comes as a better solution than the single piece one, as you can replace the damaged piece in it. But for the single piece, you will need to change the entire single piece. Read more on the best types of impact sockets here. 

Why Do You Need Impact Sockets?

To find out why you may need an impact socket for your jobs, you can simply look at the advantages of the sockets. Here are some of the key advantages you get from an impact socket. 


The most impressive feature of an impact socket is its build-quality. This heavy-duty socket is made from chrome molybdenum that makes it super durable and strong. Unlike normal sockets, these sockets are not vulnerable to pressure and huge force. 

That’s the reason the sockets don’t get damaged with the heavy impact and torque the impact wrench delivers. In fact, it comes with such enduring capacity to make sure it is absorbing the pressure. 

If things go surprisingly wrong, you can expect the socket to bend and deform but not shatter in any way. 

Versatile Use

It’s pretty cool that you can use an impact socket for multiple uses. You can attach it to a powerful impact wrench for heavy torque, and at the same time, you can use it with a regular wrench, as well. But a manual socket will not be able to work with an impact wrench in any way. 

That’s why the impact wrench is considered versatile and can be used for any purpose you need to achieve. 

Types Of Socket 

The impact socket can come in two variants – hex and in-hex sockets. The socket bits are either equipped with one bit or double bit. The bit is there to ensure that the vibration of the impact doesn’t crack the socket. In contrast, a double bit ensures much more safety than that. 


Speaking of safety, the impact socket provides more safety than regular sockets. The socket is designed with a grooved ring with side holes. Plus, there is a locking pin in the socket, as well. The grooved ring with the locking pin makes sure that the socket is tightly placed. This will make sure that no matter how strong the vibration is, the socket will not be moving from its place. 

It may get bent or damaged, but it won’t fall off. That’s how it safeguards its users. 


Unlike regular sockets, the impact sockets come in black color. This black color is because of the carbonization of its surface. The reason why it is carbonized is to provide maximum durability and strength. This hardness allows the socket to absorb sudden vibrations. 

Also, the color difference makes it easy to identify an impact socket from the regular types. 

Is There Any Disadvantage Of Using Impact Sockets? 

Operationally speaking, there is hardly any cons you can find from an impact socket. It literally outplays the counterpart manual sockets in terms of performance, durability, and build-quality. Well, the only thing you can complain about is the price it comes with. 

It does cost more than regular sockets. In fact, the price is way higher than the manual sockets. But the perks it comes with – such as versatile use, insane durability, and safety, you can’t really complain much about it, can you?

And if you are not into the only black color it comes with; you can complain about it, too. But that’s something that doesn’t have anything to do with its performance. 

Final Words

The price and looks aside, it’s hard to disagree that the impact sockets are pretty powerful and well-performing. There’s no point in arguing why do you need impact sockets as you don’t have a better option when such sockets are already in the market. 

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If you are wondering why do you need impact sockets and not the manual ones, here in this article, we have gathered some of the answers. Check it out! 

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