Which Items Will Junk Removal Services NOT Take?

Over time, we’re all bound to pile up a lot of junk. Whether in your home or office, old items have a way of creeping up on us until suddenly we’re practically out of space. And what exactly are you supposed to do when these old items are too large or awkward to be taken away by your weekly garbage pickup? Well, that’s when you call on professional junk removal services to get your space finally cleaned up.

But while junk removal teams can haul away almost any of your old items, this doesn’t mean they’ll take everything. Thus, before scheduling a pick up, it’s important to know which items they will and will NOT haul away. Here, we’re taking a closer look at junk removal services to learn more about this increasingly popular method for decluttering your home or office, focusing primarily on which items they can and cannot take for you. In one quick phone call, you could begin getting your life finally decluttered.

What are Junk Removal Services?

First things first, what are junk removal services? Professional junk removal services are businesses who specialize in helping homeowners, business owners, and property managers clean out their space and take back control of their homes and offices. No matter the size or the amount of old items you’ve got piling up, junk removal services will show up promptly and haul away your items safely and efficiently.

So, how does this process all work? Well, when you call on a junk removal company, first you just simply describe what you need taken away. From there, they’ll generally offer you a free quote to give you an idea of the costs. They can also specify which of your old items they can safely take and which items they may not be able to. Then, you can simply schedule a time (most junk removal teams will even offer same-day scheduling and service) that works on your schedule and timeframe. What’s next after that? All you have to do is sit back while the junk removal pros do what they do best. They’ll show up to your home or office and promptly get to work hauling away your items.

First, Which Items CAN Junk Removal Services Haul Away?

Before we dig into the items that may not be taken by junk removal teams, let’s first review some of the most common old items that they can haul away. This should give you a better idea as to why most people call on these professional services—as compared to simply waiting for their weekly garbage service to take smaller items and trash.

In most cases, junk removal services can haul away:

·                      Furniture.

·                      Old electronics.

·                      Televisions and other appliances.

·                      Refrigerators.

·                      Mattresses and box springs.

·                      Yard waste.

·                      Carpets and rugs.

·                      Scrap metal.

·                      Packing materials.

·                      Construction materials.

·                      Hot tubs.

·                      Exercise gear.

As you can see, junk removal teams can haul away almost any of your large items that won’t be taken by your weekly garbage services. In most cases, your weekly garbage pick up will only haul away what you can fit in one or two trash cans and maybe recycling. So just think: how are you supposed to get rid of that huge treadmill that’s been unused at your home for years now? Well, that’s when you call on the pros.

Which Items Will Junk Removal Services NOT Take?

While that list of items might look pretty extensive, this doesn’t mean that you can assume that any of your old items will be taken away by junk removal services. In fact, there are several items that are commonly NOT taken by junk removal teams.

Which items are these that will probably not be taken? Take a look:

·                      Fuels and oil.

·                      Paint.

·                      Pesticides.

·                      Common household cleaners.

·                      Materials with asbestos.

·                      Ammunition.

·                      Fireworks.

·                      Pharmaceuticals.

·                      Medical waste.

·                      Pressurized containers.

Also, if one of your items is too large or placed in a location that cannot be safely accessed by their team or trucks, your junk removal service may not be able to haul that specific item away. Safety, of course, is a key value for any professional junk removal team. If they aren’t able to safely haul away and dispose of an item, they may not be able to take it. However, in these cases, they will work with you to help you identify the best method for disposal.

Conclusion – Which Items Will Junk Removal Services NOT Take?

Are you just tired of looking at all that old junk that’s piling up in your spare rooms, attic, backyard, or office? If so, isn’t now the perfect time for some spring cleaning? If you need to get rid of some of these old items, like your old electronics, furniture, unused appliances, or even a hot tub or yard waste, then know that there’s help. Calling on professional junk removal services is the quickest and easiest way to declutter your home or office so you can finally begin to enjoy your space again.

But it’s important to remember that while professional junk removal teams can haul away almost any of your unused items, this doesn’t mean that they can necessarily everything. In most instances, junk removal pros will not haul away pesticides, fuel, any medical waste, ammunition, pharmaceuticals, or pressurized containers. Additionally, there may be some pieces of junk or items that are simply too large or awkwardly situated that they aren’t able to haul away safely or effectively If you have questions about which items will or will not be taken away, simply call on a local junk removal team and get your space clean again.

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