• When Should You Call for Emergency AC Repair Service?

    Even minor issues in the air conditioning system can quickly develop into major ones if they are not addressed on time. While some AC problems can wait a few days, some issues need emergency repairs. Here are a few AC problems that require emergency AC repair service.

    Electrical Issues

    Electrical issues with the AC can lead to severe problems, including a fire or an explosion. A common electrical problem with AC is the tripping of the circuit breaker, which could be caused by the unit overheating. If you are having a recurring problem with the circuit breaker, get it checked by an HVAC technician. In some cases, AC problems could lead to voltage issues for your home. This can cause damage to other electrical equipment or appliances. 

    If there is any burning smell coming from the AC, you need to get it checked. Different problems can cause a burning odor, including fried AC components, faulty circuit breakers, or a short circuit in the wall. Trying to fix an electrical issue in the air conditioning system could be dangerous. It could even worsen the problem, so it is best to get professional emergency AC Repair in Houston to fix the issue. 

    Water Damage

    Not only does a water leak affect the air conditioning performance, but it can also damage the area around the AC unit, such as the wall, floor, and furniture. Water leakage in A/C systems is often a result of frozen evaporator coils or problems with the condenser drain pan. 

    If the air conditioning system leaks, you should turn it off to avoid excessive water damage. However, contact a technician to fix the issue because it could lead to excessive system and property damage, resulting in more costly repairs.

    AC Not Working on Extremely Hot Days

    An AC that is not working on a hot day demands emergency repair. Sometimes, the reason could be as simple as incorrect settings or something more serious such as a refrigerant leak. There can be several other reasons for an AC not to work as expected, including: 

    • Blocked outdoor unit
    • Clogged air filter
    • Thermostat sensor issues 
    • Clogged drain lines

    An air conditioning unit is meant to keep your house or office cool on hot days. If it is not, you must get an emergency AC repair service.

    Regular Maintenance Can Minimize the Risk of Needing Emergency Repair

    Needing emergency repair service is not convenient or cheap. To avoid such a situation, you should keep up with regular AC maintenance. Also, neglecting maintenance makes the unit inefficient. It may consume more energy, increasing utility bills. The life of the AC components is also reduced due to a lack of regular maintenance. 

    Regular maintenance enables the AC to perform better. In addition, the AC system would also require fewer repairs because there is less buildup of dust and debris. Costly repairs can be avoided if an experienced HVAC technician performs regular maintenance on the air conditioning system.

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