What to Keep In Mind When Looking for a Roofing Contractor in Greeley

As summer rolls back around to Greeley, so do the summer time projects. Whether it is planting a new garden or building a deck, everyone seems to have their own way to welcome in the warm weather with some home improvement and maintenance. Winter has finally ended its harsh attacks of heavy snow and pelting hail on everyone’s home. Your roof has by far gotten the worst of the damage, and something has to be done about it, but dealing with insurance providers, corporate contractors, and your damaged home sounds overwhelming. Why not just fix your roof by yourself?

DIY (do it yourself) renovations and construction can be a fun, creative activity to occupy your time and mind, but some challenges are better off left to the professionals of their industry. If you are considering finally tackling that roofing construction that’s been looming over your head, you may want to consider enlisting some assistance from professional roofers that can not only renovate your roof, but extend its lifespan in rough weather conditions as well.

From inside your home, your roof should be sturdy and insulated. It should make you feel safe and protected. We all need to feel secure in our own shelters in order to feel safe anywhere else. As the crown of your home from the outside, there is no reason that your roof should not appeal to and reflect your personal style. Greeley is filled with skilled roofers that are ready to help you complete this project, as well as offer insight into the condition of your roof that you as an average consumer may not have noticed.

Signs of a Good Roofing Contractor

  1. The services are listed

A variety of services fall under the term “roofing” such as cleaning and replacing gutters, damage inspection and restoration, painting, and design. These are just some examples of skills that a reliable roofing contractor can offer to potential clients. This demonstrates that the roofers working on your house are knowledgeable and well-rounded in their craft. This is also a good place to look for a portfolio of past work to see what kind of experience on what types of houses the company has and if their specializations and expertise are right for you and your home.

  1. Available for consultation

It is important to meet with your roofing contractor prior to anyone going on the roof to discuss any unsafe conditions that need to be accounted for, and to discuss the unique needs of your home. Not every roofing contractor is equipped to work on any roof. They could be lacking in experience or do not offer the services you may need. Factors such as any damage to the roof, the type of material, and the overall condition of the house all need to be acknowledged in order to proceed responsibly in construction.

  1. The company has customer reviews

No matter how honest we would like to assume a company is, customer reviews can make or break its reputation. If the roofing contractor you are interested in has no reviews available, you may as well interpret that as you would negative reviews. Reading customer reviews is also a great way to determine qualities of the company such as timeliness, customer service, and customer satisfaction. Going into a project with the peace of mind knowing that the roofers you hired have a glowing reputation and can handle one of your most valuable assets makes the planning and decision-making process much less stressful.

  1. Any perks to hiring the company

Obviously, special deals and offers do not inherently reflect the quality of the work, but as inflation continues to rise, it is worth looking into what companies may offer some services for free, such as inspections or certifications. Many roofers in Greeley offer free price estimates before the project gets started, and will take care of getting an insurance claim for you.

  1. Storm damage protection

The weather often leaves homes battered. It is not the type of damage you would see in a less volatile climate. Depending on its size and density, hail can crack tiles, vinyl, or potentially puncture holes through roofs. Roofers in Greeley have been battling the elements on behalf of our roofs like clockwork with maintenance and inspections.

If there is anything a Northern Colorado home is familiar with, it is storm damage, more specifically hail. Hail is a relentless element that occurs often thanks to the brutal weather of the mountains. It puts roofs through such rapid wear and tear that can be difficult to keep up with in maintenance for the average homeowner. Many roofers in Greeley offer storm protection, and some even offer emergency services in times of urgency. This service may be particularly appealing to those who live alone, or reside in dense woods with overhanging branches.

What is Roof Maintenance?

The roof of your house should receive annual maintenance and an inspection for both safety and longevity. You should expect your roofers to check for any decay. This includes mold, moss, cracks, missing shingles, and water damage. These conditions lead to fragile roofs at risk of collapse. If you are worried that your roof may have reached this point, you should keep an eye out for water stains, sagging in the roof, or cracked ceilings.

Roofing can be a nerve wracking area of construction to take on. Even professionals average about 51 deaths per year by falling off of a roof, which you can learn more about here: This is why it is best that amateurs leave roofing and maintenance up to experienced construction workers who are aware of the dangers and necessary precautions to get the job done safely.

Roofers in Greeley for Hire

Now that we have been over what you should look for in a roofer, we can take a closer look at some of the roofers in Greeley  that can top off your home with a stunning roof. Many roofing contractors in Greeley are seasoned in their craft, and well adapted and comfortable with the weather of the area, so there are many fantastic companies to pick from who have been dealing with the same winter damage as you for decades.

  1. Gus Roofing

Gus Roofing is an industrial and membrane roofing company that has been shielding the heads of Greeley residents for over 20 years. They are ranked amongst the top roofing contractors in Greeley and specialize in repairing damage caused by hail, but they provide many services for all phases of the roofing process.

The contractors are all licensed and insured, and serve owners of all types of property. Gus Roofing offers free roof inspections and a 5 year warranty, and works with many different materials and styles of roofing.

They also offer low prices, and many styles and colors of shingles, tiles, and industrial metal roofing with many other materials to choose from. Gus Roofing will contact your insurance provider to file a claim if hail damage is found in your roof. They also do Roof Certifications, which means that an inspection will be performed to determine the life expectancy of your roof, as well as a detailed analysis of its condition.

  1. Bob Behrends Roofing

Bob Behrends Roofing has been roofing in Greeley for over 30 years. Along with roof repairs and installations, Bob Behrends Roofing offers attic insulation installation, and does not require money upfront. They do gutter repairs, and have a large selection of asphalt tiles and shingles for both commercial and residential roofs. They also offer free estimates and inspections, and claim that their residential repairs only take 1-2 days.

     3. Summit Roofing Solutions

Summit Roofing Solutions is an independent business of roofers in Greeley, also with over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry. They serve both residential and commercial clients, offer urgent hail roof repair, and handle clean up and insurance claims. They specialize in asphalt agricultural shingles.

   4. Martinez Roofing

Martinez Roofing has been roofing in Greeley since 2002. They are full-service and locally owned, serving both residential and commercial clients. Martinez Roofing offers 24/7 emergency service, and works directly with your insurance company for a claim. They offer free estimates and are known for custom metal roofing, both installments and repairs, and do not ask for money up front.

If your project does turn out to be minor enough that you would like to take it on by yourself, Martinez Roofing also offers free training videos for beginners in roofing and construction.

     5. Arroyo’s Roofing

Arroyo’s Roofing provides the usual services such as roofing, repairs, and renovation. They also offer chimney maintenance, including sweeping and safety inspections. They specialize in leaks and leak damage repair. They also offer free consultations, as well as siding services, which is a part of the house that can also take a lot of damage in the winter. In siding, Arroyo’s works with concrete siding, as well as hardie and vinyl siding.

      6. Champion Roofing Inc.

Champion Roofing is a local storm damage repair company that specializes in siding, roofing, and painting. They recover windows, doors, and gutters as well. Champion Roofing also designs and installs solar panels, cleans and repairs gutters, and does new construction.

How can you take care of your roof?

Of course, there are plenty of preventative measures we can take to keep our homes in good shape on our own until it’s time for the professionals to take over.

  1. Landscaping

You may not be able to keep the hail, sleet, and snow off of your roof, but you can keep your roof free of branches and other debris that come with heavy precipitation. A tree branch that is heavy enough could not only crash through the roof but cause serious injuries or death, so it is important to be aware of any overgrowth and overhanging forestry in your yard. The constant falling of leaves, pine needles, and twigs also cause excessive gutter build-up that can be easily avoided with the upkeep of any trees in your yard. While it may give your house that cozy cottage feeling, you should also keep your roof free of moss to avoid the decay and moisture damage.

  • Keep your attic well insulated

Internal heat damage is a problem that often goes overlooked when addressing a struggling roof. The heat emitted from a poorly insulated attic will speed up the decay of shingles.

Your Ideal Roofing Contractor

For Greeley residents, maintaining your roof and extending its life span can feel like treading water. With the right roofers, this process does not have to feel like an endless cycle of the damaged roof followed by the exhausting hassle of dealing with insurance companies, and concluding with expensive repairs and renovations. The tumultuous weather is a part of what makes life in Northern Colorado unique, even if it is chaotic, Greeley’s dedicated roofers know this and are prepared to fix your roof as many times as the hail demands.

Your home is your sanctuary and your ideal roofing contractor should prioritize your and your home’s safety and well being in every step of the roofing process. They should listen to your wants as well as your needs as far as design and customization are concerened. Many roofing companies in Northern Colorado are independent, family owned, and have been operating within their communities for well over 20 years. Look for the personal touches evident in the work that local businesses have to offer when thinking about who you want designing such a vital part of your house.

Small businesses that serve the same towns and communities that they have their roots in provide a quality of workmanship that can only be achieved through knowing their community and how the environment affects day to day life. The benefit of trusting local roofers with your home is that the experience is likely to be a personable, understanding interaction between people who all want your house to look its best and be its safest.

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