What Should You Do if You Find Yourself With a Blocked Drain?

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A blocked drain is no fun. At best, it is an inconvenience, but in the worst case, it is a costly problem threatening your home’s structure. You may spend £100-900 to fix the blocked drain, depending on the cause of the blockage.

Knowing essential information on how to manage a blocked drain be helpful. You may take the proper steps to minimise the damage or fix the problem. This post will help you discover what to do if you have a blocked drain London.

Causes of a Blocked Drain

Many things can cause a blocked drain.

  • Damage to the pipe’s structure can cause blockage.
  • A mass can get stuck in the pipe, causing the obstruction.
  • Aged pipes can drain water slowly, causing a blockage.
  • Ground movement can cause blockage when the soil interferes with the pipe’s drainage.
  • Mineral deposits in places having mineral-rich hard water can cause blockage.

Common Signs of a Blocked Drain

Watch out for these signs of a blocked drain.

1. Water drains at a slower rate than it typically does.

2. There is flooding on the property.

3. Flow backs and returns are in the system.

4. An unpleasant smell from the drainage system may also show a blockage.

5. A gurgling sound from the system may also show a blockage.

Dealing With a Blocked Drain

You can use a plunger to unblock drains inside your property. The tool can be helpful when unblocking toilet pan, sinks, or plughole. You can buy a plunger for as low as £6. Consider using a drain unblocker to remove materials lodged in the pipes. Over-the-counter dissolvents can also help. They can dissolve soap, grime, or oils that cause the blockage.

For any blockage outside your home, ensure the issue is within your property before attempting any step to fix it. The sewerage company may be responsible for those outside your property’s boundaries. If you cannot identify the problem’s cause, it may be best to call the experts.

A plumber can help you deal with a blocked drain. They have the tools and expertise to identify and fix the drainage issue. Once you call the plumbing company, its staff will do a comprehensive assessment to know the best cause of action. They may:

  • Use chemicals to dissolve substances causing the blockage.
  • Clean the drainage system with a high-powered jet washer if the blockage is severe.
  • Use a drain auger to clear out pipes.
  • Put a camera through the pipes to identify the problematic area.

Choosing professionals can be the best option if the solution to your problem is not straightforward. You may endanger your life and property if one of your solutions is temporary. You may get rid of the visible signs, but the water blocked by a drainage issue can leak and pose a risk to your home’s structural integrity.

Hiring professionals can help you identify the root cause of the problem and fix it. It may cost you, but it can save you more money in the long run. There won’t be further destruction because of the blocked drain.


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