• What is Masonry Drill Bit?

    Masonry drill bits are suitable for drilling holes into tough materials such as blocks, stones, bricks, or concrete. Others use powerful drills for the same tasks but use the pounding hammer effect for drilling.

    Drilling a hole in any material, you must choose the correct type of drill bit and use it correctly. To get the kind of efficiency you are looking for. Sharpen the tool as necessary when dealing with tough materials such as masonry. Part of your daily work may require drilling holes for various reasons, such as putting up light fixtures, mounting cabinets, picture frames, etc.

    If you have a date with drilling through bricks, you need a set of high-speed twist bits and some masonry drill bits for brickwork to suit your need. Remember that every material requires specific drill bits. Having the best quality masonry drill can mean spending more. Get the best, and take good care of them. Instead of letting them loose when not using them, use a casing or place them inside a box. Masonry drill bits require a sharpening routine and not waiting for them. It becomes blunt. Whether you use a hand drill or a power drill with a dull drill bit, you will need more effort to drill a hole. The simple principle of a sharp tool giving a clean hole should be your guide.

    Masonry Drill Bit

    The design of these bits is for drilling holes into various masonry materials such as blocks, tiles, concrete, bricks, etc. the cutting edge is made from a bonded tungsten carbide a spiral steel shaft. Some are referred to as durum ripped, which indicates the highly durable alloy of silicon bronze used instead of tungsten on the cutting edges.

    Masonry drills are used alongside a power drill because using them with a hand drill takes so much effort from you. Most of these drill bits are preferably used with hammer drills that exert the hammering action as drilling continues. Please keep checking your masonry bit’s status when under the pounding hammer effect, which in some cases shatters them to pieces.

    The combination of a hammer drill and a masonry drill should be used to use slow rotations when drilling into more challenging surfaces. Slow and controlled speeds minimize the production of heat on the tip of the drill. Maintain a sequence of withdrawing the tool to remove accumulating dust in the hole.

    If you require drilling through masonry walls, use the long masonry bits with a length of between 300 to 400mm. These other sizes range from 4 to 16mm. sharpening a masonry bit is possible if you can use a grindstone or a drill sharpener for the tungsten diamond tip. Several drill sharpeners exist in the market that you can use to maintain your masonry bit’s integrity.

    Four Ways of Differentiating Masonry and Wood Bits

    Ensure there is enough lighting in the room and lay the drill bits on a table. Then follow these steps to isolate the two.

    Step 1

     You can preliminarily identify the bits using tips, style, and shape.

    Step 2

    Run your thumbs on each tip that you have and identify the ones with a sharp cutting must be a multi-purpose or a wood bit. Look for cutting edges that lead to the spiral section of the bit, indicating its aggressiveness.

    Step 3

    Identify an arrowhead-shaped tipped bit that is common with the hammer drill a preference of masonry work. The next thing to look at is the fins common with masonry tools because of their aggressive nature. The fins widen the hole as you keep drilling. If size were an issue, you would have to measure them to get the right size.  

    Step 4

     A bit with a cone or bullet shape at the tip can be used in a regular rotary drill. If the particular drill bit also has fins, it indicates producing a fast cutting drill bit.

    Step 5

    A bit with wide and flat blades with a hole at the center creates large holes in wood. The workshop names for the bit are the paddle or spade. Their size ranges from ¼ to 1 inch.

    Final word

    You will have made the right decision to use the right tools for any drilling application. Masonry materials are rigid and require a suitable combination of a power drill and masonry bit to make getting a hole through the material easy.

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