Unprofessional real estate agents – The four red-flags you need to know

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Every year umpteen houses get sold globally! The pace of house selling and buying might have slowed down this year, but still, there are good property transactions. The process of either selling a house or purchasing one is tedious and lengthy. Finding the best buyer or seller takes time and thorough research. And the role of a real estate agent is crucial here.

Today, when you browse the internet, you will come across expert real estate agents. To know more about this, you can check out ads about we buy houses. However, at times sellers and buyers have the bad luck to come across inexperienced real estate agents. By the time they realize it, it’s too late. If you are planning to sell or buy a house, you need to steer clear from unprofessional real estate agents. The following signs will help you decide better

Poor communication skills

A realtor needs to work 24×7 and stay in touch with prospects, clients, and stay connected in a realtor nexus. So, when you find a real estate agent with poor communication skills and lacking confidence, you need to remain careful. You need to assess whether they respond to your calls and emails fast or are delaying without an intimation. Later, as you invest, they might delay in closing the sale and make other errors.

No leadership

The main reason for hiring a realtor is to leverage his expertise and industry know-how. The real estate makes the process of buying or selling house seamless and profitable. An expert, real estate agent, is one who is confident and has leadership skills. A realtor who might agree with everything that you say is not the best one available. At times, an expert realtor might have a different opinion, which acts in your favor. But a realtor with no leadership skills will not provide you the best suggestions.

No interest in your personal goals

You have to consider several aspects when you plan to buy a house! That will allow the realtor to find the best property deal for you. An expert, real estate agent, will bring in thorough questioning to help them find the best house for you. It means the realtor should have excellent listening skills as well. A few questions that an expert realtor might ask you are:

  • What’s the property type you’re searching for?
  • When do you want to sell or buy a property?
  • Do you want the property to be in a specific area?
  • What are your expectations from the realtors?

If a realtor is not asking you these or similar questions, you need to think twice before proceeding.


Do your real estate agents show up late for appointments? Does he fail to respond within the agreed time? Does he forget to bring essential documents during meetings? If yes, you are dealing with an unprofessional real estate agent, who will never understand your requirements. Chances are you will repent if you decide to buy or sell a property through him.

Buying and selling a house involves money and trust. Your real estate agent should be confident and the required experience to cater to your need. If you find the signs mentioned above surfacing, treat them as red-flags and change the realtor at the earliest.