Types of lock replacements available on the market today

Without locks, your house has no protection. Intruders can’t get into your home because of your locks, but any lock will do. Locks that take their job seriously are what you need.

Now, if you haven’t changed your locks in the last few years, you’re likely to have fundamental, traditional locks, but the thing about those locks from locksmith Santa Fe is that they’re essential. That’s why it’s a good idea to get new ones.

This is frequently the source of the issue. There is a lack of knowledge about which locks can replace the old ones among the general public. Replace them with the same type of Lock if you want them to work correctly again; some even believe there is only one primary type of Lock. That isn’t correct at all! A wide variety of lock replacement options are available to consumers.

Locks with Lever Handles


Even though they are called “traditional locks,” these locks are far from out of date. Traditional locks are still widely used all over the world because they work so well in homes. These doorknob locks from Locksmith Albuquerqueare an excellent replacement for old, rusted-out locks and knobs. A traditional lever lock can be used throughout your home, even if your main entry points have a deadbolt or another type of Lock.

Automated Keypad Locks

When it comes to traditional lever locks, electronic locks from Locksmith Santa Fe are the most commonly used substitute. These are fully electronic and must be wired into the system and attached to the door. However, Locksmith in Rochester, NY, or a recommended locksmith in your general area should have the ability to set these up for you. There are a variety of electronic locks to choose from, including numerical entry systems, automatic lock/unlock methods, and virtually any other style, colour, and size. As a result, it all comes down to personal preference.

Panic Bars

Panic bars are commonly found on heavy-duty, commercial-grade doors. Locks from Locksmith Albuquerque that can be opened in a “panic” make these ideal. The door unlocks as soon as the main bar is pushed, making it simple to get in. If you’re looking for a door that can be opened easily from the inside while remaining secure from the outside, these are perfect for commercial buildings and escape routes in an emergency.

Locks for Sliding Glass Doors

Recently, the use of sliding doors has grown in popularity. Sliding doors come in various shapes and sizes, from the simple to the fanning wholly or out disappearing to create an open floor plan. A lock from Locksmith Santa Fe is required on at least one end of every type of sliding door. From key locks to lever locks, you have a lot of choices. There are a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, so the Lock will match the door perfectly!

Locks with biometric sensors

Last but not least, there are biometric locks from locksmith Albuquerque. The ease of use of this type of Lock has made it one of the most popular in recent years. When used on the front door of a home or an office, these work flawlessly. They’ll be a breeze to use as long as the administrator has authorized fingerprints for everyone who needs access to the door! Because of this, they are one of the best lock replacements on the market right now!


Deadbolt locks are the best option for those who are genuinely concerned about their home’s safety. This is a type of Lock that looks like a regular lock, but it’s pretty different. The mechanism of these locks does not rely on a spring at all, making them much stronger than the average Lock. Deadbolts are bolted into your door frame and will remain locked even if extreme pressure is applied, even if the door is forced open.


For help deciding which one is best for your door, contact Lock around the Clock! They can help you find the right locks and even install them for you if you need that service.