Turn Up the Creativity: Your Guide to Mixing Modern with Vintage Design

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Turn Up the Creativity: Your Guide to Mixing Modern with Vintage Design

They say “out with the old and in with the new.” Well, what if you had control over your home’s decor and said: “in the old as well as the new!” That’s the type of thinking that makes for a home centered around an eclectic design style.


Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines the term eclectic as an idea, style, or taste coming from broad-based and diverse sources. So in knowing the meaning behind eclectic, there’s no way possible to solely design your home in the popular decor schemes of Hollywood Glam, Traditional, Mid-Century, or Rustic.


In the world of home design and decor, if you despise anything too “matchy-matchy” or have a longing to “break all the rules” of interior design, then eclectic style is perfect for you! Mixing funky trends of modern style with the classic looks of vintage style will allow you to confuse the senses and tickle the curiosity with assortments of different places, textures, and time periods.

Eclectic Style: Where It All Began

With eclectic style being a combination of looks that don’t really match but still coordinate well together, it’s hard to imagine that this unique style of home decor originated in the early 1900s during the Arts and Crafts Movement, according to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Eclecticism was a way for the progressives and thinkers of the time to fit the art and furnishings of their homes into a style more personal to them, rather than fit the mold of a particular style.

Taking the Eclectic Approach to Home Decor

Just because eclectic style allows you to break some of the common design rules, that doesn’t mean that it’s a rule-free design style. If eclectic style speaks to your mind, body, and spirit, read on to find out how to incorporate this distinctive touch to your home.

Embrace the Bold Colors

Interior design rule number one for color schemes: a room’s colors should be cohesive throughout the entire room. Although that’s a good design rule to abide by, that rule doesn’t apply when it comes to eclectic style. With an eclectic style, your colors can be bold and bright.


You should never be afraid to mix pinks and yellows with emerald green and turquoise blue! Now, to pull the look together and make the colors really pop, you want to incorporate a neutral base like white or gray.

Get “Touchy-Feely” With Multiple Textures

To add eclecticism to a room, you MUST utilize different textures… a little rough with smooth… hard with soft! A vintage navy blue camelback sofa, velvet in texture, sitting atop a large, shaggy, yellow area rug will not only make you want to rub on the couch all day, but it will also make you want to rub your toes through the shag of the rug!

Give Your Eyes Something to Look at With a Focal Point

When creating the layout of your room, keep in mind that just because the eclectic style involves fusing together different styles and periods of time through various decor items, that it means there should be a lack of focus.


You can create a focus in a room by way of a fireplace, chandelier, or a bold accent piece. A great focal point for a room is an accent wall… particularly a photo accent wall. It allows you to showcase your family or traveling adventures.


To make your accent wall even more eclectic, you can transform your wall with acrylic prints! The great thing about acrylic prints is that they’re printed on high-quality photo paper, they come in multiple size options, and they give your photos dept and vibrancy! To make your wall mix modern and vintage, incorporate black and white photos as well as color photos done in acrylic prints! It will definitely be the focal point of any room!

Consistency: Let Eclecticism Flow Throughout Your Home

Although eclecticism style varies, the overall style should be carried all throughout your home. Your home can appear off balanced if you have one room that’s eclectic in style while the rest of your home is traditional or rustic… can you see how the two style extremes clash? If you feel that you and your home is ready for a design makeover to eclectic style, be sure to make the commitment to reflect this unique style all throughout your home.

Don’t Be Reserved… Let the Eclecticism in You Shine

Just as every individual has their own sense of style and personality, that’s the same theory behind eclectic design. It’s the perfect style to showcase all the aspects of design that you love. Whether it’s crazy patterns, bold colors, or unique paintings and wall art, eclecticism is a great way to bring a little “mismatchy” to a world of matchy-matchy!


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