• Transforming Outdoor Spaces: A Guide to Wall Lanterns

    Are your outdoor areas feeling a bit dull? Want to make them more special? 

    Wall lanterns might be the answer! These lovely lights can make your outdoor spaces look charming and inviting.

    Let’s explore the power of wall lanterns and how to choose the right ones!

    The Power of Wall Lanterns for Outdoor Spaces

    Wall lanterns (wall sconces or outdoor wall lights) are lights you place on the walls outside your house. They make your outdoor spaces look nice and bright. Here are some benefits of installing wall lanterns on your exteriors:

    Boost design aesthetics

    Outdoor wall lanterns come in many styles, from classic to modern. Do you like the old-fashioned charm of a classic lantern? How about the simple look of a modern design? You can find one that matches your taste and the style of your home. These lights don’t just brighten up your outdoor space. They also add to its beauty.

    Maximize energy efficiency

    Nowadays, being mindful of the environment is important for homeowners. Luckily, most modern wall lanterns have special energy-saving features like LED lights. These LED bulbs use much less energy than old-fashioned bulbs. So you’ll save money on your electricity bills and help the environment.

    What’s more, LED bulbs last a long time. You won’t have to spend as much time or money replacing them. You can light up your outdoor areas in a way that’s good for the planet and your wallet.

    Ensure durability

    Wall lanterns are placed on the exteriors all year, so they must be durable to withstand the elements. It’s better to pick ones made from tough materials like aluminum, brass, or stainless steel. These materials aren’t damaged by rust or bad weather. Thus, your lanterns will keep working well and looking nice for a long time.

    Also, get wall lanterns with finishes that resist UV rays and glass that won’t break easily. These extra features make your lanterns even tougher. Spending a bit more on durable fixtures saves you money in the long run. And it ensures your outdoor lights last and stays safe.

    Elevate ambiance

    Wall lanterns make outdoor spaces feel a certain way. They can light up pathways, make buildings look nice, or make a patio or deck feel cozy. The right lighting can turn a boring outdoor area into a special place. 

    Picture a soft light making pretty shadows on a summer night or guiding you along a garden path. These little things can change how you feel about being outside. They also help people notice what makes your outdoor space unique.

    How To Choose the Right Wall Lantern

    Choosing a suitable wall lantern is essential to ensure it fits well with your outdoor space. Here are some things to consider:

    Choose where and how to install

    When deciding where to put them, think about the unique parts of your house outside. For example, the front door, porch, or where you sit outside. Placing wall lanterns in these spots can make them stand out and look nice. For instance, putting two lanterns on either side of your front door makes it look friendly. And if you put them along paths, it helps people see where they’re going when it’s dark.

    Before you start putting them up, measure how high they should be and how far apart they need to be. It’s also ideal to talk to an electrician. They’ll know what they’re doing to ensure everything follows the rules. Getting the wiring and mounting right is vital to prevent accidents. 

    Be creative

    Play around with different shapes and sizes and mix the styles and colors. This will make your place look nice and add a fun touch. 

    Wall lanterns aren’t just pretty. They’re practical, too. Putting them near where you sit outside gives you good light for hanging out or having dinner outside. They also help show where paths are so people can easily find their way around. This makes your outdoor space feel cozy and welcoming. Mixing style with functionality makes your outdoor lighting even better. 

    You can also change up your lanterns with the seasons. For special holidays, decorate them with festive stuff. For instance, wreaths or lights can make your outdoor area feel extra cozy and fun. You can surround them with plants in warmer weather to make a beautiful garden spot. Changing things up with the seasons keeps your outdoor area fresh and exciting. With wall lanterns, you can make your outdoor space look great all year round and have fun doing it.

    Ensure maintenance and care

    You should clean your wall lanterns regularly to remove dirt and dust that builds up. To do so, you should:

    • Use a soft cloth or sponge with mild, soapy water to gently wipe them down.
    • Don’t use strong cleaners, as they might damage the lanterns.
    • Clean the glass parts so the light shines through clearly.

    Check the wires and connections and learn how to fix the lanterns on the wall. Look out for any damage, like wires that are coming apart or screws that are loose. If you find anything broken, fix it right away. Having an electrician check everything once a year is a good idea. This way, your wall lanterns will keep making your outdoor space look great for a long time.

    Choosing the right wall lanterns can make a big difference in how your outdoor spaces look and feel. They add style, save energy, and withstand the weather. So, whether lighting up a pathway or creating a cozy corner, wall lanterns are a great way to brighten up your exteriors.

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