• Top Types of Asphalt Repairs

    Have you ever thought about how many asphalt surfaces you travel on every day? They may be walking or biking paths, parking lots, major highways or any number of other surfaces.

    But no matter what type of surface you’re traveling on, and regardless of how well it was originally made and installed, they will eventually need to be repaired.

    Asphalt surfaces will generally last for several years, but the exact length of time depends on a number of factors like how well the initial construction was, how much use it gets and what types of weather conditions it’s been exposed to.

    Like anything else, the better it’s taken care of the longer it will last. But repairs will be required over time, the severity and cost of which will vary depending on how quickly the matter is addressed.

    The longer you wait, the more serious the problem is going to become. A minor crack or pothole can spread and become much larger and costlier the longer you wait to fix it.

    There is a very in depth process when it comes to parking lot paving, getting the job done right will ensure some of these repairs come later than sooner. There are many repair issues that can arise pertaining to your asphalt paving project. A few of the more frequent ones are:

    Surface Patching

    This is one of the more common types of asphalt repairs, but it’s not meant to be a permanent solution to your problem. Think of it like a band-aid that will cover up the affected area but not eliminate the issue entirely.

    Surface patching is used primarily for emergency repairs in areas that see a lot of traffic. This can include repairing cracks in walkways and filling in potholes on major roadways.

    If you see the need for this type of repair, by all means get it done as soon as you can and contact a paving contractor right away.

    Remove and Replace

    Building on the previous section, removing and replacing damaged areas of asphalt is more of a permanent solution to the problem.

    As the name suggests, this involves actually removing a complete layer of asphalt and replacing it with a new one.

    If you’re able, this is always a better and more permanent solution to your problem and should always be considered. Patch it if you must, but replace the damaged area as soon as you can to avoid future issues.

    Full-Depth Mill Patching

    This type of asphalt repair is recommended when time is of the essence and repairs are needed quickly for one reason or another.

    This method will include grinding, milling and patching and results in the removal and replacement of complete asphalt layers.

    This process can sometimes be faster and more cost-efficient than other methods of asphalt repair.


    This doesn’t necessarily fall into the realm of “repair” issues, but you’ll definitely want to keep any and all striping in your paved areas looking nice and up to date.

    There’s nothing worse than a parking lot with striping so faded that you can’t tell where each space begins and ends. It just doesn’t reflect well on the business or the entity that the paved area belongs to.

    So keep some paint on hand and pay attention to those striped areas before they get too faded and undesirable.


    Applying seal coating to your paved areas is more of a preventative maintenance method, but one that is extremely important. You can use a sealcoat sprayer or manually apply the paste to the area.

    If you want to avoid, or at least delay, a lot of the repair issues we’ve discussed above, seal coating is a good way to do that.

    Sealcoating provides an additional layer to your asphalt that essentially increases the durability of the pavement and can help correct early damages from becoming major issues.

    It’s definitely a good way to increase the life of your asphalt paving project!

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