Top Laundry Designs That You Should Look For

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Creating your own laundry space at your home is a smart thing to do. While some people like doing laundry, it can be boring for other people. Although, if you like your laundry machine and its surroundings, you might enjoy doing the laundry.

There are many laundry designs available that you would love and would want to keep in your home. Go through Kaboodle – Small Laundry Designs and check for yourself. With a better laundry design, the job won’t look like a burden anymore. Many people seek the latest and stylish designs for their laundry to make it look good.

Some of the top laundry designs that you need to know about are given below:

  • Straight-Line Laundry:

The straight-line laundry design is the most common design used. These use very little space and hence are very common in many households. It even gives you extra space where you can add a workstation.


Utilizing the little space in your laundry room with a small but elegant laundry is a smart move.

  • U-Shaped Design:

U-shape design for laundry adds a classic and fashionable look to the laundry room. Out of the four walls of the laundry room, three are attached with laundry machines and cabinets. Generally, along one wall, laundry machines are placed, and the two adjacent sides have cabinets attached to them that provide storage space.

The laundry with a u-shaped design looks very stylish and modern.

  • L-Shaped Design:

Instead of covering three walls like a u-shaped design, l-shaped designs need only two walls. One wall has laundry machines placed along its side, while one of the two adjacent walls has cabinets that work as storage space.

These l-shaped designs of laundries utilize very little space in the room and still look stylish.

  • Circular Laundry:

Circular design for laundry is considered the most stylish design. In this type of laundry design, the laundry machine is in a circular shape. The circular-shaped laundry machine does not require a lot of space to be placed in the laundry room.

Because of the different than usual shape of the laundry, it looks modern and stylish.

  • Laundry With Pedals:

The laundry machine is in the shape of a cylindrical container attached to pedals using motors. When you rotate the pedals, the machine starts working. These laundries with pedals are considered a gift from the engineers to all the fitness enthusiasts out there.

Now you don’t have to worry about skipping your workout plan because of laundry.

  • Laundry With Wash Basin:

For the betterment of the environment, laundries are now being manufactured with attached hand wash basins. This saves you from wasting a lot of water. These types of laundries also help you save up a lot of space in the room.

There’s no need for separate space for the washbasin and laundry machine when you have both combined in one machine.

The laundry room in your house might not be the most attractive room but with a few modifications in the laundry designs, it won’t look dull and boring anymore.

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