Top 7 exterior painting questions

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It is a fact that you will need to redo or touch up the exterior paintwork on your home or other buildings now and then. Quality paintwork will last several years. However, even the best examples will be subject to wear and tear and the weather. Rain, wind, snow, and even the sun can damage paint or cause it to fade over the years.

Perhaps you simply want a new color for your exterior paint? Or maybe you have just moved into a home, and the paintwork needs attention? Whatever your reasons, we have seven essential questions you must ask when considering painting the exterior of your home, so let’s begin with perhaps the most important of all. 

DIY or Pro?

You may be adept at DIY and thinking of doing your exterior painting. Yet, is it the best solution? Even if you are very good with a paintbrush, you will not get the results you would if you used a professional house painting company such as, which satisfied clients highly recommend. It’s just as with every other service: a qualified and experienced mechanic, for example, will be able to maintain your car better than you. It follows, then, that a professional painting company will provide you with the best results.

Then there are the safety issues. Falling from a ladder will result in injury – and can result in death. To paint the outside of a home with more than one storey means getting up surprisingly high. The professionals will have the safety equipment to minimize risk. Furthermore, if you take the time and get no-obligation quotes from a few service providers, you may be surprised how affordable it can be to get a professional to paint your home. The only problem is finding the best one, so the next six questions should help you choose the ideal painting company. 

Do They Have a Portfolio?

A reliable and reputable painting company should be able to offer you a portfolio of previous work. If they cannot, then alarm bells should be ringing. Professionals record prior work – a photographic one especially – to show to potential clients. This will give you an idea of how good their work is, and make sure the have ‘before and after photos for comparison. Talk to a few service providers and see if there is one that you get on with more than others, as that is also an important point.

Are They Licensed and Insured?

Painting companies will need to be insured, and you should also look for those that are members of a relevant professional body. A quick web search for ‘professional painter and decorator associations’ should help you find out the relevant bodies in your region. Once you know what to look for, you should be able to see the logo used on their website and literature. Be certain to ask for their insurance level as they need to be insured for damage to your property and public liability. 

How long Have They Been in Business?

The added assurance of using an established and well-known company is something you cannot overlook. It may be sensible to ask around friends, family, and colleagues for their recommendations rather than relying on testimonies on the company websites. Those who have used a certain company and been satisfied with their approach and results will be the ones to put on your shortlist. Don’t simply go for the cheapest option but talk to them and ensure you are comfortable with them being in your home. There is no harm in using a newer service provider if they come with positive reviews from people you know and can trust. 

What Kind of Paint do They Use?

This may sound like a strange question, but it is one you should certainly ask. There are many different paint manufacturers, some of which offer high-quality products and others less so. The difference will not necessarily be in the finish but in the paint’s lifespan. Better quality paint will withstand the elements more readily and keep its shine and colour for longer. Research the quality paint makes, and ask what type they use. A reputable painting company will always be a top-quality well-known brand.

Do They Offer a Full Preparation Process?

The preparation of exterior areas to be painted is as important as the painting itself. A badly prepared – or non-prepared – the surface will not allow the paint to take as it should and will result in a poor finish that will deteriorate rapidly, as the representative from the painting companies what they do to prepare a surface for painting. It should, at last, be pressure washed, old paint removed, and readied correctly for the new paint to be applied. If the person hesitates to explain their preparation process, this is not the company to use for your exterior paintwork.

Do They Outsource Work?

Our final question is an important one. The rise of online retail and service providers has also introduced online brokers for professions of all kinds. These websites are designed to resemble – in this case – a painting company, but in fact, all they do is take your details, get quotes, and then take a cut. You need to make sure you are dealing with an actual painting company and that the people you talk to will be those who attend your property to carry out the job. 

Final Words

Painting the exterior of a house is a specialist job best left to the professionals. The safety issues combined with the better level of finish will certainly be worth the investment. You may be surprised that having your home professionally painted is not as costly as you think. Take on board the questions we have listed above, and you will soon find a company that you are happy with and make your home look beautiful once more.