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Glass railings, also known as glass balustrades, is a desirable railing option for decks in homes. Glass is a versatile material in interior decoration. It is a material preferred for glass balustrades instead of wood or metal.

Glass railings are the standard when it comes to adding visual appeal to decks and ultimately to homes. There are so many reasons why glass balustrades are the standard and preferred for deck railings. The top five reasons are listed below.


Glass is a transparent material. As a result, it adds the feeling of openness and visibility wherever it is installed. It is no different for glass deck railings. Glass balustrades promote an unobstructed view of the external surroundings. 


This is an excellent option for homes that want to promote openness and like lots of space. 

It makes for a great addition in homes with beautiful environmental scenery, an enchanting sight, or a great view from the backyard. The glass railings will provide a seamless look devoid of obstructions between your home and the beautiful environment. It is an excellent way to preserve the fantastic view offered by the environment.

Also, glass deck balustrades allow natural light to shine through and be reflected in the home. This lightens up the interiors creating an open and airy feel in the house, especially when installed on decks alongside windows. 


Many people look at the glass as a fragile material that breaks easily and does not last long. This is a misconception, as glass railings will outlive many years requiring little to no maintenance. This is not the case with wood railings and metal railings.

Wood requires consistent maintenance to keep the railing in top shape and best conditions and is prone to infestation after some time. Metal requires constant maintenance to prevent corrosion. The regular maintenance comes at a cost and can be quite expensive.

Glass balustrades maintain their quality and durability, which extends over a long period. Glass compared to other materials ages at a slow pace and the effect of aging on glass can barely be seen physically on the glass.

Apart from being long-lasting, glass balustrades are made to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions, which makes it the perfect material for excellent durability. 


Glass railings do not only look stylish when added to decks, but they are also easy to maintain and keep clean. Wood needs to be cared for regularly to keep it looking its best. Wood needs to be treated, stained or finished, but this is not the case for glass.

To maintain glass, all you need is a glass cleaning product for more severe stains, a pure soap and water solution for regular cleaning along with a microfiber cloth. In the event that the glass gets scratched, polishing it is enough to restore the appeal and quality. 

This is an essential factor as to why glass deck railings are preferred for decks because decks are constantly exposed to atmospheric and weather conditions like the wind, sun, and rain. Constant exposure leads to weathering, which may affect other deck railing materials like wood, but this does not apply to glass.

Besides being easy to clean, glass balustrades do not show signs of wear and tear. Wood railings will crack when faced with extreme changes in temperature. This means that in the summer’s heat or extreme winter cold, wood railings will crack and will need to be maintained to keep it in shape. 

Glass railings will not show signs of wear, even in the face of extreme changes in weather temperature. Just keep cleaning regularly, and your glass balustrade will keep looking like it was newly installed.


Tempered glass, popularly known as safety glass or toughened glass, is up to four times stronger than regular glass. As part of its safety, it does not shatter into large glass shards if breakage happens, which prevents people from being injured. When breakage occurs, it breaks into dull minute pieces that do not have sharp edges.

Glass balustrades provide adequate security and safety when made with tempered glass. Federal specifications require that glass be able to hold up to ten thousand pounds of pressure per square inch before shattering to be referred to as toughened glass. This makes it rare for glass balustrades to break. It would require a massive impact for breakage to happen.

The required pound pressure also makes it the perfect safety protection in the case of slips and falls, which may happen on decks. The glass balustrade will serve as a barrier that prevents people from falling over or being injured. Besides the above, it is also a great addition to homes with kids who may run onto the decks unannounced during playtime. 

The presence of tempered glass will keep the glass from shattering upon impact. You do not have to worry about the possibility of the glass breaking while supporting yourself on your glass balustrade. The tempered glass keeps you, your kids, and everyone at home safe.


Many people attribute glass railings with minimalism and minimalistic décor style. This is a far cry from the truth. Glass railings offer versatile designs and style. They complement other materials used for interior décor or the overall décor style of the home and complement different home décor styles. 

Wood and other materials can be incorporated into glass railings like the risers, banisters, and handrails. 

Besides the above, adding glass railings to decks is a stylish way of increasing your home value in the market while also improving the visual appeal of the home. The elegant look of glass railings will instantly update the look of any home to a luxurious and stylish one.

Also, investors and potential home buyers consider how attractive a home looks before deciding to purchase a specific property. Adding a glass railing to the deck of your home is an excellent way to not only make your home attractive but also increase its value in the market.


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