Tips for Finding the Best Emergency Roof Repair Company

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Roofs seem to be so strong and sturdy that it may be surprising to find out how many common roof problems homeowners experience. The most common issues with roofs are leaks, which can affect even the sturdiest ones but other common problems are:

  • Standing water in divots that pool and seep into the home over time
  • Shingles that are lifted due to high winds and other weather events
  • Holes caused by flying debris during storms allow water and small animals to gain access
  • Badly done roof patches that leave areas of the roof vulnerable
  • Roofing tiles or shingles that contract and expand with the weather, splitting and bending and damaging the roof
  • Loss of the granules that cover asphalt shingles and are needed to absorb UV radiation and protect roofs
  • Damage caused by nearby tree branches that continuously brush over the roof peeling shingles and granules off
  • Poor attic ventilation causes the roof to break from underneath

How can you find the best emergency roof repair company?

If you live in a house with an unsafe roof or are not in the habit of regularly inspecting your roof, you may find your roof suffering from any of the above problems or many others. Finding the right roofing repair company could be a lifesaver. Here is what to look for:

Contact Your Insurance Provider

They not only need to be made aware of the problem with your roof, they may also be able to refer some good roofing companies to you. They might have had dealings with them in the past and know the quality of their work. Don’t attempt to fix the roof on your own, you don’t want to risk suffering an injury.

Look for a Local Company

What good is an extended warranty after your roof has been repaired or replaced if you cannot track down the company that did the work? Also, it’s easier to verify their reputation if they are local. Your neighbors and friends have probably used them for roof repair.

Get a Licensed Contractor

If there has recently been a severe storm in your area, there may be people out there that are trying to prey on homeowners that may be desperate to get their roofs repaired. Don’t fall for quick and easy repair promises. Look for a team of professionals that are licensed and will leave your roof as good as new when the work is finished.

Don’t Panic

If you have a roofing emergency, no matter how dire it is, stay calm. Trying to take actions that may endanger your health or cause further damage to the home is not the right way to solve the problem. Stay away from the roof until you find an emergency roof repair company, particularly if the storm is still raging. Get references from neighbors and family members regarding reputable roofing companies that will truly put an end to the problem. They may recommend the best emergency roof repair company that will get your problem fixed.

In the meantime, place a tarp over the hole if possible and concentrate on minimizing the damage inside. Place buckets where there’s water coming in and protect your belongings by covering them or removing them and placing them on drier surfaces.