• Tips for becoming a better roommate

    We don’t always have the opportunity to choose who to live next to. Some may create unnecessary noise; others may be silent. There are those who constantly leave the toilet seat up and those who don’t care about washing the dishes. Some eat without care, and some open milk straight from the carton (this is best avoided). Tips for becoming a better roommate

    There’s no way to avoid this, especially if you share your home with others. Coliving has many positive aspects, but there is always some uncertainty about the people you will have to live with.

    If you’ve ever disliked how your coliving apartment neighbor behaves, you know you appreciate good neighbors. However, if you are causing a nuisance yourself, such as drinking milk from a carton, there are some house-sharing rules to keep in mind.


    The cornerstone for a healthy relationship is regular and proper interaction. It may seem trivial, but often, people neglect the importance of active communication and discussion of issues. Interaction promotes better mutual understanding between neighbors, which helps strengthen relationships and helps create a friendly atmosphere in the house.

    Taking the first step and engaging in active communication by introducing yourself and showing interest in your neighbors can be a great start. Building a two-way communication channel allows you to develop mutual trust and understand more about your neighbors.

    Never underestimate the importance of the question “Tell me about yourself!” since it might be the starting point for a deep friendship.


    Although different people have different ideas about hygiene standards, basic cleanliness remains essential. No one welcomes the presence of dirt and disorder in their own housemate who does not take care to maintain order. Keep your home clean.

    Start a conversation with the neighbor with whom you live on the same premises and find out what exactly bothers him in connection with the lack of cleanliness in the house. Maybe his expectations seem too high. Or can you find a compromise solution? Try to find a middle ground.

    Taking care of simple things like washing dishes after use or cleaning up bread crumbs on the floor is basic etiquette. Your home may be a place where you feel comfortable with your clutter, but it’s important to understand that the shared living space isn’t just yours.

    The mess you create can affect other people’s comfort, and that’s not very respectful.

    Be respectful

    An important aspect of living together is mutual respect for each other and common living spaces. Treat your roommates as equals. They may represent different cultures and backgrounds.

    Your points of view will not always coincide. However, this does not mean that you should treat them differently than you would like to be treated. Always keep in mind that shared items and the space you use require maintenance; others also rely on it.

    If you show respect to others, they will, in turn, treat you with the respect you deserve.

    Bring other people into the house

    Although rooming together promotes socializing and making new friends, inviting strangers or new people into your home without informing your housemates may need to be more tactful.

    If you live in an all-female shared accommodation, it is wise to contact your neighbors first before inviting a male friend over.

    It’s also a good idea to notify them if you’re planning on having a party or if you have a few friends coming over. Your neighbors may already trust you, but bringing new faces into their shared space can cause different feelings for different people.

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