This Minimalist Home Design Offers A Fresh Perspective On Urban Living | Interior Factory

In the vibrant urban landscape of Borivali, a trend toward minimalist home design is gaining traction, offering a fresh perspective on urban living. Upon entering these minimalist abodes, one is immediately struck by the emphasis on clean lines and open layouts. Soft, neutral tones on the walls create an illusion of spaciousness. This is further complemented by strategically placed windows that invite ample natural light. It fosters an atmosphere of airiness and tranquility.

This Minimalist Home Design Offers A Fresh Perspective On Urban Living | Interior Factory


The entrance door of this minimalist home design boasts a modern design, featuring a beige-colored laminate accented with sleek black grooves. Adjacent to the door, a convenient storage box serves as a designated spot for the milk container and letters. This, moreover offers both functionality and a cohesive design element to the entryway.

As you enter, there is a seat where one can comfortably sit to wear footwear, accompanied by a mirror positioned above for last-minute touch-ups before departing.

minimalist home design

Continuing the seamless functionality, there’s a storage unit with concealed handles, offering ample space for belongings. Adjacent to it, a sleek bar counter adorned with black-tinted glass and LED lighting sets the scene for entertainment.

minimalist home design

Completing the ensemble, a service tray that is ingeniously foldable into a drawer maximizes space efficiency without compromising on functionality.

minimalist home design

The TV unit stands out in bold black amidst the neutral surroundings, featuring shelves for display and storage. Cleverly integrated within the unit is a concealed storage compartment, seamlessly concealing a built-in study area that can be discreetly opened when needed, ensuring privacy and functionality without disrupting the minimalist aesthetic.

minimalist home design

The sofa, elegantly upholstered in grey, serves as a sophisticated centerpiece, while the black coffee table, not just a decorative piece, unfolds to reveal a functional study area, adding versatility to the living space.


In the kitchen, amidst the busy countertop, everything else maintains a subtle elegance, with a unique cabinet seamlessly transforming into stairs, providing access to the upper storage unit and cleverly integrating functionality with style.

minimalist home design


In the minimalistic bedroom adorned with neutral colors, a single storage unit serves as both a bedside table and a TV stand, complementing the serene ambiance.

minimalist home design

minimalist home design

minimalist home design

Additionally, a foldable ironing board cabinet discreetly integrates functionality into the space, ensuring practicality without compromising on the overall aesthetic.

Fact File

Designed by: Interior Factory

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Project Name: 
Modern Muse

Location: Borivali East, Mumbai

Year Built: 2024

Duration of the project: 5 Months

Project Size: 450 Sq.ft

Principal Designer: Jinal Mevada

Team Design Credits: Yuti Shah

Photograph Courtesy: Nisheet Dodia

Products / Materials / Vendors: Finishes – Laminate, Acrylic fluted Glass / Wallcovering / Cladding – MDF with Asian Paint / Lighting – Sourced Locally / Sanitaryware – Kohler / Windows – Jindal / Furniture – Bed & Centre table ( Vagnams) , Sofa ( The couch potato) / Flooring – Bellacasa Ceramics / Kitchen – Hettich / Paint – Asian Paints / Artefacts – IKEA & Online / Hardware – Hettich

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