• Things you may want to know before selling your house to a real estate investor

    Usually, you sell your home through a multiple listing service (MLS) where real estate agents play an essential role. Due to this, selling a home to an investor can seem a new concept. Although it is not a traditional method, it is indeed a common practice among many people. You may wonder why these people approach investors and not agents. There are several reasons behind this. One is the possibility of quick selling. If you don’t have time to list your property through an agent or wait for a buyer, you can rely on investors to close your deal faster.

    Besides, investors can buy even those properties that are not in good shape and cannot be listed on the MLS. From outdated to less maintained houses, they can show interest in anything. Then, some homeowners don’t want to spend their money on a home where they don’t want to live. So, for them too, they are a good option. Some can suggest that these people don’t pay you the price your property deserves you can always hire a property manager in Tuscon for further guidance. But it would be best if you did not pay much attention. No matter why you plan to sell it, you can expect them to invest in your house regardless of its condition, which is a massive plus by itself you can consult Rodos Realty on 30A. So, if you want to exit your home, consider finding out a local investor.

    Like others, you may have specific questions about what to do and how to deal with them. Well, here are a few suggestions for you.

    Selling a house to a real estate investment company

    Clean-ups and repairs

    A realty investor will not look at the flaws of your house as it doesn’t plan to live there. The company will have more interest in the structure of your home and the kind of repair it requires. Hence, there is no need to fix anything. You can offer your house in the existing condition.

    Deal closing

    Whether you choose Nova Capital Realty or some other investor, you can expect your property to sell quickly. They are not traditional homeowners, who usually take a longer time to decide. Hence, it would be best if you were ready for a faster process.

    Offered price

    As per the common practice, these investors pay you a certain percentage of the future value of the property consisting of after repair value (ARV). The rates may vary from company to company. However, it includes holding costs and profit margins. Besides, they can deduct some amount for unavoidable repairs. You may worry about the last variable. But there is nothing to feel alarmed as their repairing cost can be lower than what you would otherwise spend.


    A homebuyer will always have its emotions involved when buying a property. But when you deal with an investor, it is purely transactional. They are not emotionally involved in this. Hence, they try to make things simple for all the parties to expedite the process. However, as an owner, you can have an emotional attachment to your property. It should also be noted that a smart investor will always use a lawyer-written contract that is specifically written for the state they are in. For example, if a person is renting out a house in California, then they should use a California lease agreement form like this one,

    Selling a home to an investor can feel a lot easier due to the set processes. If you want to get the right value for your house, you can try this channel once.

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