Thendral, A Classic Residence With A Unique Mesh Jali Façade Creates A Play Of Light And Shadows | House of Design Stories

“An ode to simple living, ‘Thendral’ is designed with great affection and care. The metal motif design is a repeated affair around the house. The house is fulfilled with respectable details, enhancing the interiors.”- Nishal Sevak(Co-Editor)

Chapter “Thendral, where there is uninterrupted air flow throughout the year and the name suggests it too. Thendrali is a story of a niche individual residence in Chennai, Tamilnadu. This residence takes a very minimal direction both in terms of spatial planning and materiality creating a subtle romance between the two. This four bedroom, 2450 Sq.ft home for a family of four sits on a 2400 Sq.ft piece of land. The client’s requirement for a simple, well-lit and well-ventilated layout, to complement their simple lifestyle and their love for rootedness is a start for this design. Thendral, a classic residence with a unique mesh jali façade creates a play of light and shadows. This modern Chennai home with roots sunk deep into the traditions, proves to be the testament of a “dream house” for the clients.

Thendral, A Classic Residence With A Unique Mesh Jali Façade Creates A Play Of Light And Shadows | House of Design Stories

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Planning parameters involved careful understanding of the context to resolve site constraints. The site being located in a congested locality had concerns on privacy and ventilation.

Metal screens are one of the main aspect and feature of the residence that spans the entire stretch of the front façade wrapping the balcony acting as a security feature. Since the bedrooms have been planned with large openings, they also create a visual barrier from the road.

This was planned to help solve Mr. Veeramani’s concern on security as a young father as both of his kids’ bedrooms were planned on the first floor connected to the balcony.

The pattern on the screen is iterated in a way to screen the private levels denser to cut off direct heat and the rest are left more porous with a defined transition. The other facias are kept white, which plays a major role in giving the metal screen a visual lift up.

The house adapts a simple spatial layout with free flow of spaces and is well planned with two outdoor courts. The front court, a landscaped parcel combines as an entrance giving it a pleasant inviting look to the house. It is a semi private space overlooking the road.

The second court is intimately planned to flow from the dining room and is also guarded with metal framework for more security. All the spaces have been planned in a way such that they open into either one of the courts.

During the day the metal screens cast beautiful shadows in the balcony and inside the bedrooms as well.

The material pallete has been kept simple to reflect the lifestyle of our client Mr. Veeramani and his family. The pallete includes white with grey accents, metal works, Solid wood and aathangudi tiles. Metal framework and meshwork are planned as a translucent partition to bind spaces.

To give the house a touch of tradition Ghana teakwood, a low budget solution for solid teak is used for the shutters and furniture pieces. The built in furniture pieces are tastefully crafted in solid wood and also in combination with metal in certain areas.

The windows and doors are made of solid wood which is carefully designed thus maintaining the minimalism as well as retaining the essence of tradition while ensuring security and durability.

Aathangudi tiles for the flooring were homemade and the colours were derived mathematically and theoretically to achieve the pastel tones we envisioned. The moulds and colour pigments were custom made with respect to our design and to compliment the other elements of the house in a holistic approach.

The mould is taken as a replica of the metal screen. The rest of the flooring were done with Kota stone to compliment the aathangudi. Our design philosophy stands by understanding the clients as a whole to reflect their character and qualities in the design to make it more personalized for them.

We work collaboratively with the client to achieve a personalized and customized design that truly reflects their character and qualities. Likewise, in Thendral, we were all ears to Mr. Veeramani and his family to craft their dream residence holding on to their personal sensibilities and likability to create an environment that reflected their character and personality.

Our ultimate goal of creating a space that our client will enjoy and cherish for the years to come, came true with our personal favorite “Thendral”.

Fact File

Designed by : House of Design Stories

Project Type : Residential Architecture Design

Project Name : Thendral

Location : Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Year Built : 2022

Duration of the project : 1.5 Years

Plot Area : 2400 Sq.ft

Built-up Area : 2450 Sq.ft

Project Cost : 65 Lakhs

Principal Architects : Ar. Arul Maniyan & Ar. Anu Krithika

Photograph Courtesy : kausik Srestaluri

Products / Materials / Vendors : Lighting – Philips / Paint – Asian Paints / Hardware – GJ hardwares

Firm’s Website Link : House of Design Stories

Firm’s Instagram Link : House of Design Stories

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