• The Ultimate Chandelier Style Guide

    If you’ve clicked through to land on this page, there’s a pretty big chance it is because you’re either in the process of decorating a house or you’re considering doing it sometime soon. Either way, you’re here because you want to know everything you need to know when you’re dealing with chandeliers. Well, we’ve got you covered!

    In this post, we will cover the types of chandeliers and whatever you need to know about the kind of setting they’re suitable for. Hopefully, this will help you in making the most of your decorative lights. Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

    Why Use Chandeliers Instead of Standard Lights?

    Right off the bat, let us tell you that there’s nothing wrong with using standard lighting options such as bulbs, tube lights, and LED battens. The difference between such regular options and decorative lights is like the difference between the clothes you wear at home and those you wear outside. Regular clothes are comfortable and low-maintenance but they are not presentable or classy. Choosing chandeliers over regular ones allows your home to feel much more luxurious and classy.

    Apart from beautifying your house, decorative chandeliers play another critical role. Lighting is the one element that can make or break the entire look and feel of a space. Chandeliers put the perfect finishing touches on your interior design and to do justice to your design efforts.

    Room Decor Lights – Know Your Options

    It’s important to think about the kind of activities you want to do in each of your rooms so that you don’t end up over- or under-doing the lights needed for it.

    In some cases, you will need secondary lighting to bring out the true beauty of a chandelier. Some recessed lights or concealed LED ropes go a long way in providing just enough light on cloudy days when it’s still too bright to turn on the chandelier itself. But then again, whether you need these secondary lights or not will depend on the kind of chandelier you buy.

    Which chandelier designs you should pick changes depending on the purpose for which you’re buying them. To pick the right room decor lights for your needs, you need to know all the options at your disposal. The following part of this article will take you through the types of chandeliers and help you understand which type works best for which purpose.

    1.   Classic Design

    Typically, classic chandeliers will look something like this:

          French Restoration Crystal Chandelier                   King’s Gambit Crystal Chandelier

    Classic designs will have multiple branches with individual lights on each one and elaborate designs with silver, gold, crystals, or some combination of these. These chandeliers usually require large rooms, depending on their size. Thanks to the multiple branches of light, these pieces tend to be very bright and they don’t always come with dimmers. Thus the large room requirement.

    This kind of chandelier is ideal for two types of settings. It fits perfectly into a classic European-styled room, of course. But the other kind of setting it’s perfect for is a chic, minimal and urban design style.

    2.    Double Height Chandeliers

    Meant for use in spaces like stairwells or living rooms of duplex apartments, these chandeliers are usually breathtakingly massive. They can be 15 feet in height or longer.

    There really is no word better than “breathtaking” to describe double height chandeliers like these:

        Let It Snow Chandelier                                           Thousand Stars Chandelier

    They’re perfect for any room that has a very tall ceiling and plenty of space. Unless you get a piece that’s dimmable, do remember to keep in mind that these lights are extremely bright. If used in confined spaces, they may make the room unpleasantly bright.

    3.    Modern Chandeliers

    Built for new-age architecture and drawing from modern and post-modern design sensibilities, these chandeliers can completely transform the room they’re in. Take these for example:

        Depths of Love Chandelier                               Games People Play Chandelier

    Both these chandeliers are significantly more modern and can fit into the latest interior design styles with much more ease. You can choose lights based on the colour palette in your space or go for options in glass or crystal that will suit all palettes.

    4.    LED Chandeliers

    For a contemporary look, you can opt for LED chandeliers like these two:

      Glow Miles LED Chandelier                                                     Bolt LED Chandelier

    LED chandeliers typically come with remote controls, allowing you to adjust their brightness as per your preference. The lights are concealed behind acrylic diffusers to ensure that the light is presented as a pleasant glow rather than a sharp piercing light that’s harsh on the eyes.

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