The new garden design revolution – composite fencing

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For years garden fencing has been restricted to wooden panels that aged badly, deteriorated rapidly in harsh weather conditions and required yearly maintenance from the home owner to keep it looking presentable.

A new revolution in garden design is now available through the use of composite fencing. Strong, durable, waterproof and both UV and mould resistant, it is the perfect material for those requiring a maintenance free garden solution.

Following modern architectural trends, composite fencing comes in classic minimal colours such as black, grey and cream, rather than more traditional brown wood finishes.

Charles and Ivy are at the forefront of this garden design revolution and have created a bespoke website that allows users to customise their own fence design from thousands of different variations. They have 16 different screens, available in 7 different heights and 3 different colours, and their fencing kits include everything needed to fit a fence by a confident DIYer or handyman.


For those looking for interior design, the decorative panels are available in lighter and more convenient 6mm versions, making them perfect for hanging to walls and plain surfaces.

The decorative panels come in 8 different design patterns, with styles to suit all tastes and requirements, popular styles include the Nazira which is inspired by the intricate geometric motifs and repetitive patterns of traditional Arabic art, Nazira is timelessly beautiful. Perfect for creating ornate focal points indoors and out, Nazira’s instantly recognizable aesthetic will transport you overseas, to Southern Spain, North Africa and the Middle East. The blossom which is the perfect blend of contemporary and classic, Blossom can be used to bring the beauty of blooming plants indoors, or as the ideal border for a garden with riotously colourful flower beds, and the pebble which is equally suited to both modern and traditional spaces. This tasteful, textured design can evoke the charming cobbles of historic British streets or the peace and tranquillity of white stone beaches. If you’re feeling bold, use multiple Pebble panels in close proximity to maximise the visual impact.

The composite fences screens are also available in 8 design patterns including the prism, which is the first choice for those aiming for a strong, modern look. Bold lines cross to form irregular shapes and create a sharp, architectural feel. If you’re looking for an impactful design that will set your garden apart from the crowd. The Plume with its elaborate, feather-inspired motif, Plume brings a touch of luxury to traditional and modern settings. The elaborate yet elegant pattern will help you achieve a stylish, upscale look and the zenith, its jagged lines intersect to create a dramatic, abstract pattern that makes a strong, stylish statement alongside contemporary decor. The dense design makes Zenith a popular choice for those looking to create privacy or screen off certain areas.

Another great feature of composite fencing is its versatility, it can be very easily cut to size without losing any of its rigidity or requiring any further maintenance, allowing it to be fitted to the most unique and awkward garden layouts.


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