The Monochromatic Themed Residence Interior | K Design Studio

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The Monochromatic Themed Residence Interior | K Design Studio

The monochromatic themed 1850 s ft. the residence has turned out to be an elegant space with the use of different shades of beige.  The wooden paneled backdrop in the drawing area with a very beautifully designed partition comprising of planters adds a character to space and makes it lively.

Designer: K Design Studio


The vertical interlocked rafters on the ceiling take the attention of anyone who enters the place while also separates the living and drawing area. Use of Italian marble on the floor and wall cladding of the interiors give altogether a very luxurious look to space

The master bedroom gives a complete luxurious look keeping the base elements of the design to be subtle and uplifting the room with rich upholsteries in the shades of beige. Ample amount of natural light enters the house with the use of large French doors and windows in the house.

Monochromatic tiles have been used in the washrooms and use of the mirror in the ceiling of the powder room to make it look spacious. The play of different textures through the beige colors in most of the areas gives the whole space in synchronization and makes it look attractive and pleasing to the eyes.


Project Name: Casa Beige 

Design: K Design Studio

Chief Designer: Komal Jain

Photography: Inclined Studio

Project Type: Residential Apartment

Built-up Area: 1850sft

Location: Hyderabad




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