The Latest Trends In Commercial Building Design

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The average person spends one third of their life in the office (that’s 90,000 hours in total). It’s therefore essential that commercial building design creates modern spaces that protect employee health and well-being while optimizing workplace efficiency. Sustainable roofing, workplace wellness, and collaborative spaces are the latest trends in commercial building design which anticipate and meet the ever-evolving needs of offices while supporting employee productivity, creativity and innovation



Sustainable roofing

Sustainable building design is a  trend here to stay, and now professionals are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their roof design throughout its whole lifecycle. That means cheaper, short-term materials like single-ply are falling out of favor due to the sheer waste they generate upon their eventual necessary replacement. On the other hand, multi-ply roofs are waste-reducing, durable, and much longer-lasting, which keeps waste out of landfills. It’s therefore important that professionals choose a qualified and reputable commercial roofer that uses high-quality, sustainable materials. A good commercial roofer will build the rooftop to code, maintain specific industry standards, and use eco-friendly materials.


Workplace wellness

87% of employers are committed to workplace wellness and 73% offer wellness programs for their employees. Recent trends in commercial building design help support these efforts. For example, sound-control insulation, large skylights, and live greenery are becoming increasingly popular design elements to create a calm, serene workplace. Additionally, the WELL Building Standard (developed by the International Well Being Institute) is helping to direct commercial building design towards better supporting human health and well-being. It rewards companies who achieve holistic building design that prioritizes healthy air and water, comfort, and natural light.


 Collaborative spaces

Commercial building design is helping professionals create inviting, open spaces that allow employees to freely interact with each other and build community. Designers are being increasingly asked to install collaborative elements, such as open areas filled with casual seating, natural lighting, sound-proof insulation and inviting materials. Additionally, collaborative furniture is a popular choice: acoustic pods allow for private meetings, large meeting desks with task lighting and power outlets are used for team meetings, and freestanding media units let employees meet and project their work on a screen right away.


These are the latest trends in commercial building design we can expect to see going into 2020. Sustainable roofing, workplace wellness, and collaborative workspaces protect the environment, improve employee health, and ultimately boost workplace efficiency.

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