• The Importance of Drainage Planning

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    Drainage planning is a fundamental part of site design. It is essential to make sure that any drainage system works well with a site’s topography, is eco-friendly, and manageable should a problem arise.

    A drainage plan should look at how rainwater flows in and out of a building. It should include where it flows into the ground, downpipes, or drains into storm sewers. It should also ensure that water can reach where it needs to go without flooding and cause backups in sewer pipes or septic tanks.

    There are many different softwares available online and commercial drainage specialists to help you plan your drainage system before you start building on your property.

    Why Planning for Drainage is Important

    Drainage planning is a critical element of any residential or commercial property. It ensures that the water flows smoothly and does not result in flooding. For commercial building owners, it helps save money by preventing costly and unnecessary repairs later on.

    It is crucial to plan for drainage before beginning construction, or it could lead to unwanted consequences.

    Key Components of a Drainage Plan

    Groundwater Recharge Systems

    In the drainage plan, a groundwater recharge system replenishes the water table. It can be either digging a well or recharging an existing well.

    A reservoir is an example of a natural water source in a groundwater recharge system. Groundwater recharge systems are crucial to the drainage plan because they help maintain soil moisture and provide water to crops and livestock in dry areas. They also help to maintain groundwater quality.

    Groundwater recharge systems help reduce costs due to the elimination of pumping equipment and results in less runoff into various waterways.

    Storm Sewers

    Storm sewers are a part of the drainage system used primarily to remove stormwater and excess water from urban areas. They are typically combined with gutter and catch basin systems to collect water, usually directed to a nearby body of water.

    Storm sewers are essential for managing floods in the city’s drainage system. They also have a vital role in protecting street surfaces from erosion and preventing one side of the street from flooding when there is heavy rain.

    Infiltration Systems

    Infiltration systems are used in drainage plans to remove contaminants from stormwater. Infiltration systems typically include various features, such as vegetative buffers (plants) that help clean water before it enters the storm drain system. Infiltration systems can also filter out leaves, trash, and other materials that would otherwise block the drain system’s pipes or slow down water flow.

    When designing the system, consider its amount of impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Explore different types of options thoroughly before choosing one.

    Wastewater System Networks

    A wastewater system network is a network of pipes and pumps that remove wastewater from a building or industrial property. Wastewater systems are used when the wastewater does not need to be treated before being discharged into the environment.

    Wastewater system networks are typically located underground, and they can consist of small or large pipes. Wastewater is pumped out of buildings and industrial properties using pumps, which pushes the liquid through pipes to wastewater treatment plants close by.

    Wastewater systems play a major role in sanitation and waste disposal in urban areas. They collect and convey wastewater from various sources that include sewer lines, storm drains, pipes from septic tanks, drain tiles from buildings, etc. These networks can also help control flooding if they are used as part of stormwater management system schemes.

    Planning Your Drainage System for Success

    The first step to planning your drainage system is understanding the nature of the ground you will be building your structure. The ground is usually composed of various types of soil, each having its characteristics like clay, sand or gravel. Once you understand the general makeup of the ground, you can choose appropriate drainage systems that will have maximum efficiency in draining water from your property.

    Planning a drainage system for a new home or commercial building can seem overwhelming at first. Before you start putting down the drainpipe and digging trenches, do some research on properly setting up your drainage system. You can also seek the assistance of a commercial drainage specialist in your area. They can help you create a functional and efficient system right from day one!

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