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The House Exemplaire | Think Designz 

They say that a house is a building and a home is a feeling. Why not design a building which feels just like a home? This is the foremost initiative that was considered when we designed a home for a family of four. This was the first home for them and obviously, had a lot of hopes and dreams imbibed in the project. Every human being is entitled to their idea of a comfort space and personal taste and we have tried our best to fulfill them, individually. Each personality has their idea of what their personal space should comprise of. All houses are a combination of these feelings and expectations and as interior designers, this is our primary goal.

The personal spaces of the house are interspersed with social and recreation spaces. On the ground floor, the social spaces are laid with grey Italian marble to provide a serene, comfortable look except for the formal drawing rooms on both floors which are done in veneer flooring and ceiling, in a wooden finish, to give a sparse yet regal look to the area. Overall, it complements the grey tile flooring of the rest of the house and allows a seamless transition.

The main living area is done up in browns, greys and whites in various material palettes, with an adage of funky beans bags and arm chairs in bold hues of canary yellow and cobalt blue to add a splash of colour to the area. The furniture, otherwise, is kept minimal and done up in shades and hues of the walls and flooring so as to not look out of place. At the same time, the lighting fixtures are contemporary and minimal to give an understated clean look to the spaces. Additional lighting is given in the false ceiling to allow proper artificial lighting and yet, create an elegant look. The loose furniture and lamp shades were sourced from China, whereas the other furniture was made on site.



The house has four bedrooms; a master bedroom for the couple and two rooms for their sons; on the first floor and a guest bedroom; on the ground floor. The master bedroom is finished in a combination of pale veneer paneling and grey Italian marble for the flooring, a robust veneer paneling for the wall behind the headrest and part ceiling. The rest of the walls are done up in whites, so overall, an uncluttered look is achieved.


The elder son’s bedroom is done in blacks, browns, greys and whites, all complementing each other. The drama of the room is focused on the wall behind the headrest, where a contemporary look is achieved, set off in brown and black veneers, with simple lighting to give a thematic look. The rest of the walls and flooring are done up in greys and whites, to allow the focus of the room to be wall behind the headrest.


The younger son is a football aficionado and thus, game themed wallpaper was custom made, to be put on the wall behind the headrest. To solely be inclusive of this setting, the rest of the room is done up with shades of brown, beige and white; with a majority of white, in various material palettes.

The guest bedroom is done up in muted shades of greys and whites to provide an artistic look to the space.

The attached washrooms of each of the rooms are designed such that they are extension of the room itself, following the same colours themes and material palettes, with a slight change in patterns.

The recreation space is on the second floor of the house; a designated party place, per se. A pool table demands attention on this floor, such that it can enjoyed by both young and old. A boxing bag is also provided as an accessory. The room is done up in shades to compliment the material theme of the rest of the house.


Project title : Shiv Agarwal Residence

Architectural Firm : Think Designz

Completion Year : Feb 2018

Area Of Project: carpet area 5000sft.

Project Location : Attapur,Hyderabad ,Telangana

Design Team : Varun mehta,Rahul jain

text :  Anjani Trivedi


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