• The House Design Defined By Clean And Bold Lines | Inklets studio

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    The House Design Defined By Clean And Bold Lines | Inklets studio

    Tucked away from the busy city, the 2300 sq ft plot is located in an upscale neighborhood. The client had approached with persuasion to translate his dreams into the work of masonry. He had an outline brief that would require a humongous space of living and dining, peeping alive as it communicates to the floor above.

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    The house seems an architectural delight defined by clean and bold lines. The street-facing west facade is deliberately opaque. The surface of the facade is a mix of white dani plaster and patterned brick juxtaposed with an overhanging window and balcony finished in concrete-like plaster. The natural light streaming in from the huge staircase window at east in the morning never ceases to amaze the space.

    The interiors of the entire house are a narrative about its owners. Experimentation with the right stroke of simplistic design creates a beautiful and rhythmic substance inhabitable with comfort and luxury. One is welcomed by a cozy narrow entrance with the traditional Indian style inlay of mother of pearl in Kota.

    The house opens by into a huge living room and seamlessly merging into a double volume dining area. The negligible furniture and huge opening make the space sound vast. The minimalist cabinetry and neutral color pallets for the long kitchen have a subtle grace that will never go out of style.

    The master bedroom’s furniture is customized in teak veneer with a pop of blue color in its bed-back. The visual connectivity from the bed to the balcony at the southwest gives a view and fills the entire room with light and warm breeze.

    The small home theatre also used as the family room is treated entirely in a unique décor. The grey walls and antique wood finish tile gives a rustic look. The huge opening to the balcony is an attempt to visually increase the space.


    Firm name: Inklets studio

    Principal designer: Hiral Shah

    Project’s Name: Brick tales (residence)

    Location: Royal Acres, Vadsar, Vadodara, Gujarat

    Design team: Hiral Shah, Motisinh Chauhan, Divyesh Sonagara

    Structural engineer: B.R.Patel & associates

    Builtup Area: 2400 sq ft

    Plot Area: 2300 sq ft

    Photography credits: Roma Patel



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