The Different Types of Pergola Materials

Are you planning to give the backyard an additional flare to increase its sophistication? Creating a pergola to accompany the patio or deck will add charm to the home. Such garden features act as a breathable cover for any walkway or backyard space. Whether you provide a shelter to the garden, which makes a statement or adds that fashionable shade to an outdoor lounging area, pergolas will be an ideal choice. Also, you can check these different types of must-have cleaning tools. Find Pergolas Plans For Free.

The Different Materials 

Pergolas Newcastle are made of different materials such as, 

Wood –

Pergolas can either be part of the wall or freestanding. One material that can accommodate both these designs is wood, which is popular for making pergolas. Often its natural look is sought after, while some desire to paint a pergola. Wood is of different types, such as teak, redwood, cedar, and mahogany that carpenters use for making pergolas. 

Such woods have natural oils that make them resistant to insects, fungi, termites, decay, and rot and shrinking and warping. Experts use wood to offer extra protection from adverse weather conditions when exposed to mostly dew and moisture from rain. If you’re looking for the best wood for pergola, Cedar and pressure-treated wood are great options. When comparing pressure treated wood vs Cedar, Cedar is a much more durable wood than pressure treated wood, and it will also last longer. Cedar is also a natural insect repellent, so it will help keep your pergola free of pests. 

Metal –

To create a pergola with metal may not be the right choice for those that want to have a rustic, natural look. While others prefer resistance overlooks, in this case, a metal pergola will be the right choice. Metal is robust and highly resistant. However, if you do not take proper care, metal can rust. So ensure proper action to safeguard the metal via galvanizing it and maintaining it regularly with proper sealers that will stop rust from emerging. Metal tubing or scrolled metal is generally used by bolting and welding them together. 

Fiberglass –  

Also called composite plastic or glass reinforced plastic (check out grp profiles here), this is a plastic material that is akin to vinyl. Fiberglass comes in lighter shades like white or beige that make it look formal and clean. It is rust and corrosion resistant and highly adaptable to various environments. As fiberglass is non-porous, it is resistant to moisture and can be maintained easily with a yearly power wash. A key difference between fiberglass and vinyl is, the former is stronger and can last longer than vinyl or wood. Thus, in the case of a big pergola, that made of fiberglass will be an ideal choice. As opposed to its plastic counterpart, fiberglass will not soften or sag when exposed to different temperatures. Yet when exposed to frequent wind pressure or extreme temperatures, this may crack. 


This is a good material to make a pergola. Utilizing a thick PVC material will offer a resistant material and prevent the issues that wood and metal can cause due to outdoor conditions. The best part about PVC is that it does not need much maintenance. However, as part of the slight maintenance, you can spray paint PVC to ensure it lasts longer.

Stone/Brick –

If you are looking for a pergola that will be the exact match to the home, making it with stones or bricks will be the right choice. It will be an ideal choice, especially if the pergola is attached to a house’s wall. 

With a plethora of material choices to build pergolas, which one will you choose? Choose wisely.

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