The Different Architectural Styles You Will Find in Austin, Texas

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Austin is a special city with a rich history and a unique style including the architect within the town.  The unique styles are influenced by the diverse history, cultures, and different eras.  When you drive around the city of Austin, you can find just about every architectural style that is known to modern houses of the past couple hundred years. Austin’s luxurious architectural style brings design diversity and culture to one of the nation’s largest cities.

Ross Quade of New Listing Alert explains, “It doesn’t matter what style house you are looking for the city of Austin has it.  If you appreciate architect, there are specific neighborhoods that have a common style more than others.”


Probably one of the most common types of the architect is the bungalow style homes. This style home was hugely popular at the beginning of the twenty century.  Most of the bungalows are one story and have steps leading to a front porch. In general, the bungalow homes are smaller homes with large living rooms and two to three bedrooms.


Queen Anne

You might not know this type of architect by the name Queen Anne as many people refer to these style homes as Victorian home or Victorian architecture. You will find Queen Anne homes throughout most of America and were hugely popular in the mid-nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century.  Some of the most common features of Queen Anne houses are prominent gables, asymmetrical facades, and covered porches, with several types of different wall textures and treatments, and usually with big bay windows.

You can find this style of a home throughout most of Austin but the neighborhoods of Clarksville. Bryker Woods. Pemberton Heights and Hyde Park seem to have more than most other areas.

Country Homes

The famous Texas Hill Country areas of Austin has sprung Hill Country architecture.  These style homes are general larger homes on a single level with a walk around porches.  You can find that masonry is a standard feature, especially using bricks and local white limestone, and often blended with wood featuring like timber siding and bare beams. Some of the Hill Country style homes have a Spanish influence or a contemporary design element to it.

Many of the country style homes are found in West Austin and the Dripping Springs area. Although not exclusive to these areas as country style architecture can be found throughout.

Spanish/Mediterranean Styles

The Spanish architecture style is a trendy style throughout Texas and the southwest. You can quickly identify this style with traits like stucco and stone, large arches, barrel tile roofs, and courtyards.  Many of the Mediterranean style architecture has features like Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Classical, Italian and French Revival.

In almost all neighborhoods of Austin, you can find these style of houses.  However, you will find the majority of these in more luxury communities like West Lake Hills, Barton Creek, Rob Roy West-Sky Forest, and near the Austin Country Club.



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