The Benefits of Using Venetian Plaster And An Innovative New Alternative

Venetian plaster is a high-quality finishing technique for the inner and outer walls of a building. As the name suggests, it had its origins in the beautiful city of Venice, Italy. However, it is used in affluent neighborhoods all around Europe in times past.

Now it is seeing a resurgence in use, albeit made with more modern materials and design techniques, and is once again frequently used as a finishing for walls in homes. This article will show the reasons why Venetian plaster is a top-class wall finish for homes, and will also detail a stunning alternative developed by Topciment.

Benefits of Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is made of slaked lime and marble dust. Traditionally it was made of Italian limestone and dolomite, which means it is very hardy and resistant to cracking. So the same time, it breathes ready and losers moisture quickly, and the acidity of the lime protects it from mold and fungus.

It Offers Immense Variety

Venetian plaster can be made in all manner of finishes, ranging from ultra smooth and polished to a shine, to matte gloss and even a natural, rock-like look. It can be tinted as well, and color choices are limitless. It can be applied to almost any surface that is flat, from walls to tabletops and ceilings. Any manner of intricate designs is possible with Venetian plaster.

It Is Not Hazardous and Is Environmentally Friendly

Due to the fact that it is made out of all natural materials, Venetian plaster is one of the most environmentally friendly, non-toxic building materials available. It is entirely free of volatile organic compounds, and in addition to being made of recyclable materials such as marble dust, it becomes a natural recycler of carbon dioxide because slaked lime naturally absorbs CO2 and turns into limestone.

It is Easy To Maintain

Venetian plaster is one of the easiest to maintain finishing materials, and only a regular a wipe down. It is naturally moisture-resistant, and resists the accumulation of dust and grime on its surface.

Microcement, A Compelling Alternative

Microcement is an innovative new finishing material developed by Topciment for coating surfaces. It is made of water-based resins, cement, mineral pigments, and other additives. It can be applied directly to any vertical or horizontal building surface, of just about any material; vinyl, tile, marble, or plaster. With a thickness is just 0.3 centimeters, it does not alter preexisting dimensions of any space. It adheres extremely well, and does not peel off or crack.

Microcement can be applied to walls, floors, kitchen tops, stairs, ceilings, even the inside of a swimming pool. It can be modified to fit both domestic and industrial applications. Topciment also has a sealant that makes it waterproof, and it is mildly heat resistant.

It is available in a number of textures, finishes, and colors and has different types for specific purposes. Microcement is non-slip, all-natural, environmentally friendly and free of volatile organic compounds.